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Pokemon GO - maior caso de delírio coletivo desde a invenção de deus.
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The Herd Mentality Effect

Social influence is a powerful thing. Studies show when people don’t have a strong opinion about something, they’re likely to just do what everyone else is doing.

And lately, it seems as though “everyone” is playing Pokémon GO. No one wants to miss out on the action, so the online chatter can convince people who were on the fence to join in.
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Um exemplo de coleguismo entre religiões em prol da falta de bom senso. Muitos acham errado o que consideram "falta de respeito" com a religião, mas a questão não é essa, a questão é: "essa falta de respeito dá permissão para uma vingança com as próprias mãos com uso de violência?". Parece que o "bondoso" papa entende que sim.
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Fica difícil criticar extremismo religioso enquanto ainda se protege a religião. É como dizer: "Amigo, não seja besta, se você explodir como homem-bomba não irá para o céu com 72 virgens, isso é ridículo... na verdade você deve venerar outro deus, cujo filho veio pra terra, nasceu de uma virgem, foi morto e ressuscitou, o que faz todo sentido, porque está escrito em UM livro".
Poderíamos ser mais maduros e parar com essa palhaçada de uma vez, quem tem um pouco de cultura já tem condições de se desapegar de sua religião, pra aos poucos conseguirmos ter estados laicos de fato, com liberdade científica e com pressão para que países mais atrasados sejam trazidos pra uma nova era de conhecimento da realidade. "Amigo, não seja besta, não acredite em fantasmas".
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Missed the launch of #Orion? Want to see it again? Watch it here:  [video]

NASA’s Orion spacecraft launched successfully atop a United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy rocket Dec. 5 at 7:05 a.m. EST from Space Launch Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Orion’s Exploration Flight Test-1, is the first flight test for NASA’s new deep space capsule and is a critical step on NASA's journey to Mars. The 4.5 hour flight is scheduled to conclude with the splashdown of Orion in the Pacific Ocean.

Watch live coverage now:
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Marco Antonio Neves Breithaupt

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Dialogue with my 4 years old daughter
She - look, a museum!
Me - it's not a museum, it is a church.
She - what is a church?
Me - is a place that people go to pray.
She - what is pray?
Me - is to talk to god. People who believe he exists go there to talk to him, but he does not appear, he's invisible.
She - it's because he has the color of the sky, right?
Me - actually we can't know for sure, but people think he exists because we exist and someone must have created us.
She (using rhetorical tone) - but if "one" created the "other", who created "one"?
And then she was satisfied, giving any credibility to the argument that a creator would be necessary to the world in which we live.
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+Ghufran Khalid My 4 year old daughter is obviously naive, and also free of any religious brainwashing. I never told her that there is a god, neither that there is no god. But the point is: she used logical reasoning to identify a fallacy. The fallacy says that "in order to we exist there must exist a creator". And it's relatively easy to identify, because you just have to use the same argument recursively: "in order to the creator exists, there must have been another creator".
You say that theists say that "god is eternal", but that's just a statement without any reasoning or evidence. There is nothing to argue about it.
Note that my daughter did not prove that god does not exist, and I think that she can not even be certain about their beliefs, she is very young. She just broke an argument commonly used to justify the existence of god.
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Dentre as dezenas de trambiques que a NET está me aplicando nos últimos tempos, hoje eles se superaram. Resolvi mudar meu plano para um mais barato, com TV e telefone piores, mas a internet subiria de 10MB para 15MB. Então a moça diz que é necessária uma visita técnica para troca do modem, com custo de 90 reais. Eu disse que era bem difícil de acreditar que seria necessária uma visita técnica para trocar qualquer coisa. Ela afirmou que era devido a "troca de tecnologia" e meu modem versão 2.0 só suportava até 10MB, eu precisava da versão 3.0. Eu então disse que caso fosse necessária essa visita eu faria questão de acompanhá-la com um técnico independente e um advogado, para auditar, e se fosse constatada  uma visita desnecessária eu entraria com um processo. Nesse momento ela pede um minuto para "verificar algo em sistemas". Retorna dizendo que consegue aumentar minha internet com isenção de tarifas, e em menos de 5 minutos a troca é realizada, eu faço um teste e realmente a velocidade é de 15MB.
Inacreditável até onde chega a falta de vergonha na cara, e inacreditável como chegamos a um nível de comodismo onde aceitamos esse tipo de situação.
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My wife came home upset because a good friend of her said she doesn't understand how we could raise our daughter without god in our heart. The amount of ignorance we found in this world is just frustrating. Can't they understand we can make good things without religion? Can't they at least respect an atheist and his way of life? Sometimes I feel it sucks to be stuck in such a primitive era of this civilization.
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Good friends don't come out with crap like that.
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I was discussing at another site on the theory of evolution and I wrote the text below. I found it interesting to post here to receive feedback to improve it, and also assist other people in similar discussions. 
Here it is:

Evolution is a fact, and there is a theory to explain it. If someone doesn't agree with the theory of evolution he should show some other better theory for this fact, or at least show some evidence that contradict the theory. Denying evolution itself is ignorance, it's just like denying gravity. There is a theory for gravity, you may don't like it, or don't understand it, but can you deny gravity? 

So how evolution is a fact? Let's first read a definition of "fact":
"A fact is a hypothesis that is so firmly supported by evidence that we assume it is true, and act as if it were true."
That seems right. At least it's way better than definitons like "a fact is a fact". 

Ok, and how about looking into some evidences of evolution?
1. The genetic of the current living beings: humans have 96% of genes in common with chimpanzees, about 90% of genes in common with cats, 80% with cows, 75% with mice. All life on earth shares some basic aspects through the DNA. This is an strong evidence of a common ancestor, but this one alone could not be enough to sustain the theory. So, let's keep going.
2. Fossils: there are not human bones dating from longer than 6 million years ago. Dinosaur bones dates from more than 60 million years. In the middle we have a huge variety of species "appearing" and "disappearing" with small changes along the centuries. Can you guess why the fossils analysis suggest evolution? Well, what would be the other explanation, a super-ghost manually interacting with life on earth to create new species century by century?
3. Current evolution. A butterfly had evolved in front of our eyes: And there are other examples, including evolution tested in a controlled environment:

People may try to deny the science used to reach those evidences, like: "DNA do not exist", or you "guys can't read correctly the age of this bone". Interesting how those people don't try to study about that. Imagine if you could show to everyone DNA is a lie. You would be awarded with a Nobel Prize. Or if you could prove the methods for dating fossils are wrong, you would gain a lot of respect and probably money. It's also funny how people who deny this science make use of microwave ovens, GPS, go to doctors and take drugs, and so on. How much science there are behind our daily lives? How convenient it is to only accept the science that does not contradict your holy book?

Another important thing to understand in this debate about "god Vs evolution" is to take a look at the motivation of each side. Religious people were told to believe (by people they respect a lot - like parents) in some sort of things. When someone claims that these things are wrong, it may look like they wasted a good portion of their lives in a dumb fantasy, and the people they respect a lot are in fact wrong. This creates a resistence that can block logical arguments and evidence analisys. Science on the other hand just seeks for the truth. Science do not have special protection for some particular theory, it is always open to new input and self-correction. But you have to come with some observable evidence, and some logical argument, not just "it's written in a holy book".
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Kenny C
We'll done!
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Tentei agendar um encaixe, disseram que era possível agendar para 16:20h, porém iria demorar bastante, pois consultas normais "já demoram", e encaixes "mais ainda". Ou seja, já assumem que não atendem suas consultas normais no horário, sinal de desorganização e desrespeito. Argumentei que trabalho ao lado do consultório e perguntei se podia ligar próximo ao horário da consulta para pegar uma atualização a respeito do quanto atrasada estaria minha consulta, fazendo com que eu fosse mais próximo do horário real. Disseram que não era possível, se eu quisesse aceitar esse horário deveria estar presente lá as 16:20h e esperar pelo tempo que fosse necessário, podendo ser 1h, 2h, ou sabe-se lá quanto tempo. Isso para mim não faz o menor sentido, o custo para eles seria de apenas responder uma ligação e isso me pouparia horas. Mais uma vez percebi isso como um sinal de desrespeito com os clientes e talvez despreparo das funcionárias.
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