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Marco Antonio Frias Butrón
Attended Universidad Mayor de San Simón
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Techno-logical paths

What if hackers, artists, activists and communicators join their paths to generate social change? video in spanish... active captions

Hacker Neighbourhood

The Neighbourhood of "Villa Coronilla" in Cochabamba, Bolivia will be built based on:

"... enhances and promotes: collaboration, mutual understanding and synergy..."

"... inhabitants, activists, artists, developers, designers, pointing to a sense of citizenship that extends from our neighbourhood to the mainland..."

"... creating accessible and effective tools of free use and simple to apply that generate citizen participation and autonomy..."

"... a free radio, a common library of documents (photographs and films of the public domain), blogging citizen systems, mapping the skills (of citizens) in OpenStreetMap and a messaging system to enhance dialogue through technology..."

#Cochabamba #Bolivia #Citizenship #Share #PubliDomain #Mapping #OpenStreetMap #Blogging #Neighbourhood   #Hacker
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Strava: Cómo usamos OpenStreetMap

En la última conferencia "Estado del Mapa EEUU" la gente de ‪#‎Strava‬ presentó: Cómo ellos usan ‪#‎OpenStreetMap‬ y presentaron su herramienta de "auto-dibujo geométrico" integrada al editor iD. Ver el vídeo ->

Strava es un servicio que registra actividades deportivas mediante el uso del GPS en algún dispositivo móvil. Tienen millones de trazas GPS según la actividad deportiva. Pudiendo ser estas: correr, caminar, senderismo, paseo bicicleta, nadar, esquí, patín, surfing, y otros más.

Presentaron una versión del editor iD que integra sus trazas GPS, y ayuda a mejorar la precisión de las vías trazadas o las nuevas. Al parecer usan un algoritmo que obtiene el promedio de las trazas GPS y la re-dibuja.

Está a prueba... falla con pocas trazas, añade muchos nodos, pero promete mucho!
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Pedestrian and Bicycle Day

An day free of the cars in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Where boys, girls, men and women of all ages left their homes to enjoy the city!

We share our bicycle knowledge with anyone, not only pay for pay, anyone can do it yourself!

HackLab Cochabamba ->

#Cochabamba #Bolivia #Bicycle #Bicicleta #Pedestrian #Peatón #DoItYourself #DIY
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Debieran ser muchos más días libres de coches.
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Mapping clouds on OpenStreetMap

New amazing tag natural=cloud with cloud types and useful features (natural=wind, rainy=yes/no, static=yes/no, intermittent=yes, size=little, appearance=fluffy)

Clouds has been added to the "FR" rendering:

How to map clouds? ->

#OpenStreetMap #Maps #Natural #AprilFoolsDay
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Bike ride on paths to the sides of the (abandoned) train rails Cochabamba - Oruro. 50km!

#Bicycle #Train #Rails #Cochabamba #Bolivia #BikeRide #Bicicleta #Bicicleteada #Tren  
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Bicicleteada Cochabamba a Parotani

Paseo en bicicleta de "Cochabamba a Parotani" por las vías del tren en desuso.

Este domingo 20 abril, a las 06:30h nos reunimos en la Av Perú y Blanco Galindo (acera sur-oeste).

Sólo necesitas una #bicicleta y ganas!!

El mapa del recorrido ->

#Cochabamba #Bolivia #Bikeride #Bicicleteada #Bicycle #Bicicleta
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Total Eclipse of the Moon and Full Moon

15.Apr.2014 will be this astronomic event called Pink/Seed Moon (1st of the year). The photo is a screenshot of the simulation with Stellarium. You can view with more resolution here ->

I wrote an article (in spanish that detailing where and how to observe and photograph this event in Cochabamba, Bolivia (UTC-4). The duration of total eclipse will be 1h 17m (5h 43m from the penumbra) and between 1:53 to 6:37 with maximum at 3:46.

You can know more astronomic events visiting the website and downloading "The Evening Sky Map" for each hemisphere (map is prepared every month)!

#Eclipse #Moon #Stellarium #Astronomy #Sky #Map #Cochabamba #Bolivia
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Star Wars Featurette: The Birth of the Lightsaber

Concept and creation of the lightsaber...
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Bolivia is amazing!

Another adventure with friends... rafting (grade 2) in town of Villa Tunari, Chapare, Cochabamba, Bolivia. Was 12km (1 hour) over the Espiritu Santo River that belongs to the Amazon River watershed.

Sometime we were able to enter the river, grab it the edge of the boat and feel "the force" of the river. Must have be deeper than 2 meters. Awesome!

Map ofVilla Tunari ->

#Rafting #WhiteWater #Sports #Tourism #Cochabamba #Bolivia  
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Autumn Equinox (Southern Hemisphere) / Equinoccio de Otoño (Hemisferio Sur) 2014

An equinox occurs when when the plane of Earth's Equator passes the center of the Sun.

The word  equilux is used to mean a day on which the periods of daylight and night are equal. In Cochabamba, Bolivia... that day is 28.03.2014.

Article in spanish:


Un equinoccio se produce cuando cuando el plano del ecuador de la Tierra pasa por el centro del sol.

La palabra equilux se utiliza para referirse a un día en el que los períodos de luz del día y la noche son iguales. En Cochabamba, Bolivia ... ese día es 03.28.2014.

#Equinox #Universe #Astronomy #AutumnEquinox #Earth #Sun #Cochabamba #Bolivia  
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I use and work with open source. Interested in bicycles, astronomy, philosophy, opendata and maps
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