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Scientific Researcher
Basic Information
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Sanskrit researcher with a scent of IT
Mr. Marcis Gasuns, born in 1983 in Ogre (Latvia), Latvian nationality, studied Indology initially under Viktor Ivbulis (work about R. Tagore), translated Kabeer and Nanak into Latvian, printed in "Karogs". In 2004 visited India for two weeks. In 2005 reconstructed 2 Devanagari Windows fonts ( for Sanskrit printing needs.
Attended XXXVII ICANAS Congress in 2004, paper read in 13th World Sanskrit Conference in Edinburgh, in Moscow. Attended St. Petersburg, Kazan about Sanskrit dhatus same year, working on a PhD thesis afterwards.
After graduating Gorky's Literary Institute in Moscow in 2006, moved to Siberia to teach Old Indian language. PhD thesis "Morphological representation of the verbal root (based on Sanskrit)" at the Institute of Linguistics (Russian Academy of Sciences) still in progress.
In 2011 published a reprint of a Sanskrit Manual in Russian ( Preparing 3 more manuscripts of books about Sanskrit to be printed. Polyglot, working as an IT developer to make my living.
I've been learning foreign languages since I was four. In '99 I learned CSS and launched which was dedicated to world literature in my mother tongue, Latvian language, including personal translations from Eastern languages.
First time teached German for children in 2004, Sanskrit at the University in 2007 and HTML in 2010. Reconstructed several devanagari types, worked on a official proposal for revision of Indic language signs in Unicode. Curating a Sanskrit scholar community in Russian language Editor at DMOZ for the last 8 years.
I've spent half of my life learning dead and practising endangered languages for the rest of it. Knowing the human and computer languages I can take the best of both worlds and have spent years in creating digital corpora of dead Indian and Iranian languages. Yes, it's a pitty I know only a few Indo-European languages and having two Sinologist girlfriends in a 10 year interval did not made my Chinese language skills any better. Yes, my French is really bad, but my Tocharian is even worse, be it A or B. Yes, I want to spread the word about and in languages wich are lost and "Translation for Education", launched in February 2012 is the fundamental basis.

Language Сompetencies:
µ    Living: Latvian, German, Russian, English (fluent); Lithuanian, Latgalian, Livonian, French, Arabic, Armenian, Belorussian, Tibetan, Ukrainian, Braj, Hindi (basic)
µ    Dead: Sanskrit, Old Persian, Latin (written); Old Greek, Tocharian, Old Church Slavic (basic)
µ    Programming: xHTM1, CSS 2, PHP 4, MySQL 4; osCommerce, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal

Membership in Professional Organizations:
µ    Writers Union of Russia, Children and youth section (from 2004).
µ    The Society of Russian Orientalists of Russian Academy of Sciences (from 2004).
µ    Russian Association for Researchers on Rhetoric (from 2006).

Research Fields:
µ    Sanskrit lexicography and dhatupathas in India and abroad
µ    Digital corpora, electronic dictionaries for dead Indo-Iranian languages
µ    Teaching aids for students in Southeastern languages in Russian language
µ    The History of Oriental Studies, Indology in Russia and Europe

Presentations and Papers:
µ    Mārcis Gasūns. (2006, November). The Wake of Nāgarī Types in Europe // 43nd All-India Oriental Conference, Indian Lin-guistics, Jammu, India
µ    Mārcis Gasūns. (2006, September). Latin Terms in Sanskrit Dic-tionaries // 12th EURALEX International Congress. Turin, Italy
µ    Mārcis Gasūns. (2006, July). Approaches to the Sanskrit Root.
µ    Mārcis Gasūns. (2006, June). From the History of Sanskrit-Russian Dictionaries, both published and manuscript // „In-dian languages and literatures abroad“ (ICOSALL 7).
µ    Марцис Гасунс. (2006, June). Проблемы оцифровывания лек-сикографического текста (на материале словаря Монье-Вилямса). Компьютерная лингвистика и интеллектуаль-ные технологии: Труды международной конференции „Диа-лог 2006“.
µ    Mārcis Gasūns. (2006, June). Two lost Sanskrit Dictionaries: by Pavel Petrov and by Kaetan Kossowich // 18th International Colloquium of the SGdS: Historiography of Linguistics in the 21th Century - Challenges and Perspectives
µ    Марцис Гасунс. (2006, April). Технические приспособления для рубрикации корней // XXVII Зографские чтения, St. Pe-tersburg
µ    Марцис Гасунс. (2006, April). Написания и смысл слова сан-скрит // История языка и лингвистическая текстология. Novosibirsk
µ    Марцис Гасунс. (2006, April). Общее понятие санскритского корня // Московской студенческой конференции по лин-гвистике.
µ    Марцис Гасунс. (2006, April). European transliterations of Sanskrit // Asian and African Studies in the Universities of St. Petersburg, Russia, Europe
µ    Марцис Гасунс. (2006, February). Внешняя топика двух вое-начальников xiii в. (Вильям Уоллес и Александр Невский) // Х-я Международная конференция по риторике
µ    Марцис Гасунс. (2005, October). Две Индии в русской поэзии // Иннокентий Федорович Анненский (1855-1909). Международные научно-литературные Чтения, посвящённые 150-летию со дня рождения
µ    Марцис Гасунс. (2005, October). Об орфографии написаний Индии // Ежегодные научные чтения „Язык как материал словесности“ („Горшковские чтения“)
µ    Марцис Гасунс. (2005, November). Из истории наборных шрифтов нагари // Кабинета имени профессора Ю.Н. Рери-ха Института востоковедения РАН провели очередную На-учную конференцию, посвященную памяти выдающегося востоковеда Юрия Николаевича Рериха („Рериховские чте-ния“)
µ    Mārcis Gasūns. (2004, November). The Typical Mistakes of San-skrit Textbooks and Student Vocabularies in Russia // 42nd All-India Oriental Conference, Indian Linguistics, Sampurnanad Sanskrit University, Varanasi, India
µ    (2004, August) XXXVII ICANAS International Congress of Asian and North African Studies
µ    (2004, August) IV Всероссийский съезд востоковедов
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