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Polished up and Animated
Minimal & Elegant v2
Evolution of: "Minimal & Elegant"
I hope you will like it as I do :-)
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Nice - very sleek. Has an almost retro-vibe, like an old radio tuner.
+Ben Drechsel Yeah. You are 100% right. After your pointing out "retro-vibe radio connection" I do really think that THIS IS IT :-) My moto360 face :-)
+Ben Ferguson Ben... I prepared it frame by frame by hand in Inkscape. Then I have stacked them and "skewed" to motoWatch background. Then exported one by one by removing the top stack layer. So I have received about 20 images named: face01, face02 etc then it was imported to Gimp and exported as animated gif... I have no other tools so I used what I have :-) It was pure fun :-)
Okay that is what I was thinking I was going to have to do, I was hoping there was a better way... 
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