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Saving articles from Twitter app stopped working as expected for me.

The behaviour currently is:
1. Open Twitter app, find a tweet with link to an interesting article.
2. Long press the tweet to open the "context menu".
3. Choose "Share via..." to open the system share intent target chooser.
4. Choose "Add to Pocket".. obviously :)
5. Go to Pocket to find that the tweet was saved on the list not the article linked in the tweet.
6, 7, ... some additional steps to add the actual article to the list and remove the tweet.

Expected result:
In the 5th point above I expect to find the article linked in the tweet on the list (with tweet metadata saved with it and appearing as the grey bottom bar after opening the article). This is how I remember it working just a few days ago.

Unfortunately I am not sure if the problem is on your side or Twitter's - I remember both apps updating recently.

Pocket 5.1/Moto X (2013/1st gen.)
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Looking forward to this getting fixed!
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Marcin Koziński

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"Uber for X" has become something of a derogatory phrase in the startup world, but there really isn't a better description for what Poland's Idea Bank is doing: you summon an ATM using an app on...
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Fajne to jest ale wydaje się lekko abstrakcyjne i nie do końca bezpieczne :)
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Marcin Koziński

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Imagine if every time you swiped a credit card and it didn't work for whatever reason, the money was just lost. I think you would get angry pretty quick. I certainly would.

So why are we accepting applications where user input is dropped on the floor when there's a network problem. Drastic analogy with the money? Maybe. But when you type a paragraph or two into a tiny little phone, press send, and see "Request failed" with your hard-thought words abandoned I bet you get pretty angry.

I'm looking at you every Reddit app ever...

I don't care how you do it. I don't care what library you use. User input is gold. Treat it as such.

Square has Tape. Path has a priority job queue. The support library has AtomicFile. The OS has SharedPreferences and sqlite. Do it on the main thread for all I care. Just persist the damn data somewhere.

The state of affairs is so absolutely terrible that I actually don't even care if you persist it. Just pop the original dialog or text field with my data still in tact so that I can retry. Sure you look like a mediocre app, but at least you're not an abysmal app that hates its users. At this point, I'm happy to do your job and retry the request myself.

Publicly shame apps that discard user input.
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Marcin Koziński

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The fruit of our two months of hard work is now live! Yay! Mirror 1.1!!!

All 1.0 features are now free, custom views, action bar preview and tons of bug fixes and minor features.

Also check out our brand new website and the new video. Hope you like them. Happy hacking!
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Marcin Koziński

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How to explain the role of Android Design Guidelines to developers

The Android design guidelines is the superclass of your app design. Don't use multiple inheritance. That'll just make things messy.

When thinking about overriding methods only override the parts you need to override. Don't do that just because you don't know how to use the superclass method override only if the superclass method doesn't fit your purpose. The superclass method is created and tested by people who thought that part through very carefully so it's most likely better than what the replacement would be (at least in circumstances you didn't even think of).

Feel free to add functionality on top of what you get from the superclass. But don't do this if the same functionality is already available (see overriding). Adding functionality to the superclass, when done right, is innovation.
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Marcin Koziński

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Marcin Koziński

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I'm in the top 1% of readers on +Pocket! See the best of what I've read in 2014 
The Pocket 2014 year in review.
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Marcin Koziński

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Pocket's Best of 2013. Check out the top tech article. =D

(via +Marcin Koziński) 
Pocket Hits - Best of 2013. Pocket. This year, more than 450 million items were saved to Pocket. Here are the stories our users saw, shared, and loved the most. Here's what stood out. Menu. View Other Categories. Categories; Best Of · Long Reads · Videos; Tech; Design · Science · Politics ...
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Marcin Koziński

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“We might take a card swipe for granted, but getting every detail right takes extreme care. You have to make the swipe feel satisfying; you have to make it read accurately enough that it works the first time, every time.”
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Marcin Koziński

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I am excited about Andy Rubin's next project.  His last big bet, Android, started off as a crazy idea that ended up putting a supercomputer in hundreds of millions of pockets.  It is still very early days for this, but I can't wait to see the progress.
The company has acquired seven companies in hopes of automating electronics assembly and maybe even taking on Amazon in retail delivery.
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Beautiful park, great place for a pleasant rest.
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Piękny i nowoczesny mały dworzec.
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Znakomite, pod warunkiem, że masz ochotę na kameralne doświadczenie. Nie ma tu przepychu, przestrzeni i wyboru 50 filmów. Nie ma popcornu i nachosów. Jesteś, Ty, film, niewielka sala i niewielu ludzi - za to wszyscy (tak jak Ty) zainteresowani są przede wszystkim filmem.
Appeal: ExcellentFacilities: GoodService: Very Good
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Fajnie odświeżony dworzec, nowe poczekalnie wyglądają nowocześnie.
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