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Because 8 cores are boring...
# cat /proc/cpuinfo processor : 0 Features : fp asimd evtstrm aes pmull sha1 sha2 crc32 CPU implementer : 0x43 CPU architecture: 8 CPU variant : 0x0 CPU part : 0x0a1 CPU revision : 1 processor : 1 ...
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I stay with IPv4.
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+Mirosław Baran​ with changes made today it works for both ipv4 and ipv6.

I just do not want to spend time on maintaining this machine. It does all I need with current setup. 
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Follow the path? 
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Where's that thermal exhaust port? I think you should use the force to navigate instead!
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Since when Android style guide follows ios? Those buttons at the bottom...

Have to dig out older g+ apk.
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+Subhendu Ghosh perfectly aware of it. But do you know how hard is to make screenshot in the morning without private posts?
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Have him in circles
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I am waiting for 1$ board with ARM926 core.
Of all the things we do at Raspberry Pi, driving down the cost of computer hardware remains one of the most important. Even in the developed world, a programmable computer is a luxury item for a lot of people, and every extra dollar that we ask someone to spend decreases the chance that they’ll choose …
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+Riku Voipio If you graph the Price vs. Time of a Pi and extrapolate it will clearly show that you will not have to wait long. Furthermore the longer you wait the more you will get,,,, So just keep waiting.
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I have a feeling that game stopped ignoring chats and pm msgs from ignored people. Or it needs several minutes to note that someone got to the list. 
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I was experiencing the same thing...
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Marcin “hrw” Juszkiewicz

Narzędzia  - 
Kolejny serwis z kalkulatorami.

Jest ROI fabryk, koszt rozbudowy magazynów i kilka innych. Warto zajrzeć. 
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Toggle navigation. Resources game. Market · Factories · Recycle · HQ; Special buildings. Casino · Drone research · Hospital · Law firm · Mafia HQ · Museum · Recycling plant · Tech center · Training camp · Mines · Upgrade combo · Warehouse upgrade.
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Now that's what I call a Hacker - Friday, November 20, 2015 - Founder's blog
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Someone wanted RHEL on AArch64?
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I don't read ARMltd pr either.
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Can we get black market price of elite forces back in csv file? It makes it harder to check should I produce them or just buy.

Http:// has a table for it but elite force lacks entry... 
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I'm matching by name and /or id
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Bricked APM Mustang? There is an easy way to get it back into working state ;D
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Yesterday I had a talk in the evening about English words/phrases and their meaning.

That "visually impaired" can be fine, but "blind" is good too.

That "nigger" is rather insulting while "black" is generally fine.

And that I dislike "Afro-American" phrase. If we follow that way than USA citizens can be split into few groups: Afro-American, Asia-American, Euro-American and natives... 
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I just think it's comical when Americans refer to a black European as African-American.
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Have him in circles
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Building software, hacking ARM devices.
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    owner, 2006 - 2014
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