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Marcelo Duarte Ferrari
Podcaster, gamer, feminist, historian, bookworm, husband, dog person, trekkie, comic book enthusiast, latino, ex-teacher, ex-MRA, troll in rehab, inter alia.
Podcaster, gamer, feminist, historian, bookworm, husband, dog person, trekkie, comic book enthusiast, latino, ex-teacher, ex-MRA, troll in rehab, inter alia.

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Olá, pessoal! Ainda há interesse em atividade neste grupo?

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Entrevista curtinha da Nicola Scott na TV australiana. 

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Além do Twitter (@XPoilersPodcast) e do Instagram (@xpoilerspodcast), o podcast X-Poilers tem uns canais interativos para os ouvintes:

O WhatsApp do X-Poilers é: 61-992555016

O Telegram é: usuário - (e o grupo Ouvintes do X-Poilers é:

Mais jeitos de entrar em contato com os podcasters e outros ouvintes também!

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Felipe Cagno financiou Os Poucos e Amaldiçoados até o #2 no Catarse mas já financiou o #3 (em inglês) de The Few and Cursed no Kickstarter.

Alguém sabe quando ou se ele vai financiar a versão em Português do #3? Como já comecei a colecionar em Português, quero acabar na mesma língua.

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"Charts is also an opportunity for Amazon to utilize what it describes as a purely data-driven list, eschewing the editorial latitude that some lists have by presenting a list that’s driven entirely by sales and reading data, compiled from the data the Kindle and Audible users generate."

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What is a "rubinblack" anyways?

I have no idea, but this Lamy Studio Rubinblack is a watershed moment for me. I'm a fountain pen user since college, but only became an enthusiast about two years ago (because of a Lamy Al-Star I was gifted). I never thought I'd ever own a gold nib fountain pen. But I saw this particular pen at a vintage store back in December, just lying there, and couldn't get it out of my head, especially because the Rubinblack was a limited release from way back in 2008 and the price tag was the Brazilian Real equivalent of about 140 US Dollars (it was released with an MSRP of €99). I had bought a gold nib pen from Japan in January, but it wouldn't arrive anytime soon, so when three weeks ago I talked to my spouse and we decided I could afford spending so much money on a pen, this Lamy Studio Rubinblack became my de facto first gold nib.

It's a medium nib, but it makes such a fat line that you'd be excused if you thought it's a broad. The writing feels cushioned, like there's a layer of air between the nib and the paper. As a lefty, I'm not used to such a smooth writing experience. It's got a sweet spot, though: if I rotate the pen even a little, it develops some "tooth".

The craftsmanship of the pen itself makes me pull it out of its pouch just to look at it and, yes, touch it, even if I have nothing to write. The otherworldly effect of the brown (rubinblack?) finish is achieved through dozens upon dozens of micrometer layers of matte brown lacker, finished with one, translucent layer, which creates an elusive feeling of depth to the barrel.

I'm not sure I love the shape of the grip, though. It's not slippery as some people say the Studio grip is, but the shape is kinda not what my fingers like. In long writing sessions I catch myself rotating the nib. The chrome surface is a fingerprint magnet, of course, but I don't mind that.

It's currently inked with the blue cartridge it came with the pen, which I regret sticking there. I really don't like that particular Lamy ink color, but I'm using the opportunity to measure how long, aka how many pages, a Lamy cartridge lasts on me (I'm asked such question a lot on my YouTube channel).
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Oh my! My Platinum 3776 Century Chartres Blue arrived this week and I think I'm in love. It's technically my first gold nib pen because I bought it two months ago from Japan (I bought a Lamy Studio in the meantime from a local store). I It comes with a broad nib that makes a line more like a German medium nib, but what I found the most surprising is that it's a very, very slight stub nib, as in the down stroke is fatter than the side stroke.

Everybody that talks about this pen tells it's hard to show how well-crafted it is in photo or video. They're right! The intricacies of the details you can see in the slight translucence of cap and barrel are indescribable. It really looks like a stained glass church window.

There's no give to the nib apart from the aforementioned down/side stroke, which I was told to expect, but I'm liking its stiffness (I wasn't sure I would). It's very smooth and a world apart from my experience with the Preppy (who knew, right?!).

I think this is the first item in a budding Platinum 3776 Century collection of my own.

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"The subtext of the trope is rooted in a deep-seated male insecurity around sex and sexuality."

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Help identifying this pen?

Somebody's trying to sell me this Platinum that supposedly has a 14 k gold nib. They're asking way too little (que equivalent of 25 US Dollars). I've never seen such Platinum model and they don't know which model it is.

Does anybody know what Platinum is this? Is the pen really gold? Is it a knock-off?
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