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Marcelo Menegali

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Open Source Release of TensorFlow

I'm very excited to announce the open source release of the TensorFlow machine learning library that I and many others at Google have been building.

This blog post gives an overview:

The web site has a number of tutorials and documentation about the system:

The source is on GitHub:

You might also be interested in the whitepaper we've prepared that describes TensorFlow in more detail:

We'd love to hear what people think.
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Marcelo Menegali

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Now you can generate your own dreamy neural net image


For those of you who liked the post I shared a couple of weeks ago about the images generated by neural nets (old post:, I'm happy to announce that Alexander Mordvintsev, +Christopher Olah , and Mike Tyka have put together an open-source iPython notebook containing the code that generates these images, and you can play around with it on your own images.  (Note: this notebook depends on a few other packages, so you have to have enough persistence to install numpy and caffe to get this to work).  The iPython notebook is at, but see the blog post linked to by this post for details.

The blog post asks that people tag images they generate and share with #deepdream , so I suspect you can keep looking at that tag to see all kinds of weird and wonderful images.

Have fun, everyone!
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Marcelo Menegali

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From the same author of "Manna". I'm definitely going to read it.
"The Second Intelligent Species" is my latest book on Earth's robotic future and how it will affect the human race. It is available free on my web site:

Right now, as far as we can tell, there is exactly one intelligent species in the universe and it is us: human beings. We currently see no evidence of any kind indicating that extraterrestrials exist outside of our solar system. We are the first Intelligent species.

At this moment, millions of engineers, scientists, corporations, universities and entrepreneurs are racing to create the second intelligent species right here on planet earth. And we can see the second intelligent species coming from all directions in the form of self-driving cars, automated call centers, chess-playing and Jeopardy-playing computers that beat all human players, airport kiosks, restaurant tablet systems, etc.

The frightening thing is that these robots will soon be eliminating human jobs in startling numbers. The first wave of unemployed workers is likely to be a million truck drivers who are replaced by self-driving trucks. Pilots will be eliminated soon as well. Then, as new computer vision systems come online, we will see tens of millions of workers in retail stores, fast food restaurants and construction sites replaced by robots. Unless we take steps now to change the economy, we will soon have tens of millions of workers who are unemployed and seeking welfare because they will have no other choice.

"The Second Intelligent Species: How Humans Will Become as Irrelevant as Cockroaches" explores how the future will unfold as the second intelligent species emerges and takes control. The book answers questions like:
- How will new computer vision systems affect the job market?
- How many people will become unemployed by the second intelligent species?
- What will happen to millions of newly unemployed workers?
- How can modern society and modern economies cope with run-away unemployment caused by robots?
- What will happen when the first sentient, conscious computer appears?
- What moral and ethical principles will guide the second intelligent species? 
- Why do we see no extraterrestrials in our universe?

The Second Intelligent Species offers a unique and fascinating look at the future of the human race, and the choices we will need to make to avoid massive unemployment and poverty worldwide once intelligent machines start eliminating millions of jobs.
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Marcelo Menegali

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One of the best perks of being an engineer at Google is now open source. Our build system is just awesome.
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Marcelo Menegali

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A bridge in a remote part of Piracicaba's University of São Paulo campus.
People should take photo-spheres more often! They're awesome. :)
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nice. I love these sphere pics
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Marcelo Menegali

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I saw this post and liked it a lot:
I saw a handful of known names and a lot of others that I became interested to know.
Then, I discovered that their replies to the question was not this one-liner, but that each one wrote a small essay on the subject:

My favorite so far, by Robert Sapolsky:

If you find one you like, please show me in the comments. :)
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" Not much. I ride motorcycles without a helmet. –J. Craig Venter, genomic scientist"

But I only read up to the 50th 1-line quotes.
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Marcelo Menegali

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Very interesting article about mental illness and infectious diseases.
One day in March 2010, Isak McCune started clearing his throat with a forceful, violent sound. The New Hampshire toddler was 3, with…
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Marcelo Menegali

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Here is my recent keynote at SXSW on how to use failure as a way to drive great progress.  Full of stories about interesting failures at Google[x]!
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Marcelo Menegali

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A group of young people playing a game of frisbee.
A pizza sitting on top of a pan on top of a stove.
A person riding a motorcyle on a dirt road.
These are automatically generated captions from a computer model that starts with just the raw pixels of an image, described in a recent research paper titled Show and Tell: A Neural Image Caption Generator that was just published on Arxiv (

+Oriol Vinyals, +Alexander Toshev, +Samy Bengio,  and +Dumitru Erhan in our research group at Google have been working on automatically generating these captions using an accurate convolutional neural network (similar to the one that won the 2014 ImageNet object recognition challenge) combined with a powerful recurrent neural network language model (using an LSTM, a particular kind of recurrent network that is good at capturing long-range dependencies in sequence data, similar to the model that was used recently by our group's recent work on using LSTMs for machine translation).  The system initializes the state of the language model with the features from the top of the convolutional neural network, and is then trained to generate captions using a modest amount of human-labeled training data of (image, caption) pairs, and the resulting system does a good job of generalizing to generating captions automatically from previously-unseen images.

Since two of these folks sit within 15 feet of me, I've enjoyed watching their progress on this project and chatting with them over the past few weeks as it has developed.  The examples you can see in the New York Times article are great examples of what the system can do: it doesn't always get it right, but in general, the captions it generates are very fluent, mostly relevant to the image, and sometimes show a surprising level of sophistication.  Furthermore, because it is a generative model, and we're sampling from the distribution of possible captions, you can run the model multiple times, and it will generate different captions.  For one image, it might generate the two different captions "_A close up of a child holding a stuffed animal_" and "_A baby is asleep next to a teddy bear._"

+John Markoff of the New York Times has written up a nice article about this work (along with some similar research out of Stanford that has been happening concurrently):

A Google Research blog post about the work has also just been put up here:

An Arxiv paper titled Show and Tell: A Neural Image Caption Generator appears here:

You can see a few more examples at the end of the set of slides from a talk I gave recently in China (pages 75 to 79 of this PDF):

[ Edited to insert the title and link to the Arxiv paper now that it made it through the Arxiv editorial review process. ]
Scientists have created artificial intelligence software able to recognize the content of photos and videos with such accuracy than it can sometimes mimic humans.
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Marcelo Menegali

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Pulando de asa-delta em São Conrado, no Rio!
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