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did you remember the post about Unconventional Movie Theaters in the World that I posted a few days ago? (
well, check it out: Archipelago Cinema – Nai Pi Lae Lagoon, Thailand from above !
this is an amazing place! I want to go there...

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That's where they built that machine from "Contact", right?
I would pay, like a million pesos.....
Almost looks like the set in the James Bond Movie "The man with the Golden Gun". :)
K Dayal
Next thing you know, something falls in or is left behind, pollutes and contaminates this ecosystem, all in the name of tourists having a hard-on over watching a movie on a lagoon.
Yes, I do, Marcelo! I'd like to go there. Watching movies in movie theater like this is very uncommon. Realy free mind. I remember this (similar) feeling from our old summer movie theater (without roof of course). I could breathe fresh air and see sky above with thousands of stars in it. Many wonderful experiences, many great movies…
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