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Dinant, Belgium

This sleepy town on the Meuse river belies a violent history. It's strategic location on a river along Europe's Franco-Germanic cultural fault line often made it a place to be fought over. Way back in in 1466, the aptly named "Phillip the Good" had 800 local inhabitants thrown in the river while the town burned after they rebelled against his rule. And lest that be put down to Medieval barbarity, one of the frist massacres of the First World War took place here in August 1914 when German soldiers executed 674 residents in one day. But it's hard to imagine such scenes as you look across the Meuse at dusk and watch Dinant's ancient beauty reflected in the water.

Nikon D700, 20mm

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+annie ooms nice... I want to go there... maybe next year... in my last attempt I couldn't leave London to Belgium, was in December 2010... I had a transport problems, because of snow. I was so sad... next year, I hope... but not in the winter :)
wow , this is so beautiful ,
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