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Overwhelmed at the idea of planning your year? Don't have your word yet and don't even know where to start making a vision board? Panicking because 1/3 of January is already GONE and your goals are not clear yet? 

Easy, young padawan. 

Sit down. Have some tea. Relax

Then join my client Mayi Carles 5 day challenge and breath a sigh of relief--->

It's free and it's awesome. Here's the program:

Day 1: Discover Your Super Power 
Day 2: Clarify Your Vision 
Day 3: Transform Your Dreams Into Reality
Day 4: Getting It All Out Of Your Head 
Day 5: A Trusted Calendar System 

(Pssst: if you already know that you will need year-long support, join the wonderful gang of Life is Messy Bootcamp

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More recipe recreations from #lifeismessykitchen!
Amazing #glutenfree  bread recipe on the blog! This is from +Mayi Carles new book #lifeismessykitchen  and it's amazing...the book and the recipe:)

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Life is Messy Kitchen, created by +Mayi Carles designed and art-directed by +Marbel Canseco  and propped, styled and photographed by yours truly is out into the world!

Check it out here --->

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By always brilliant +claire stone 

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