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I’ve just joined #7DaysofGiveaways. Win a OnePlus PowerBank here:
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If you have a Nexus device on stock Lollipop, please try and reproduce this bug to verify and vote whether it worked:

Have G+ open
Open stock Contacts app
Tap a contact, you are only connected through G+ with.
Tap "See all" and "View Google+ profile"
Remove person from all circles.
Press back
Press the app switcher button
Switch to Contacts app
Now there should be a black area at the bottom of the screen, that doesn't go away when scrolling but rotating the screen to landscape and back to portrait fixes it.

If this happened on your device as well, please take the time to comment and star the issue on the Android Bug Tracker:
30 votes
Yes, the bug happens to me too.
No, everything is fine.
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I'm surprised the vote is currently so torn, so it might be helpful to know the devices and builds this bug affects.
I have a Nexus 5 LRX21O and have this bug and I assume that the Yes votes are Nexus 5 and the No votes are Nexus 7/10?
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Has anyone been able to get the free copy of X-Men yet?
I can see how it would work with a Nexus Player, but with a Chromecast?

cc +Artem Russakovskii 
Google appears to be feeling generous yet again. Last week, the search giant treated a few of its subscribers to a free digital copy of Sandra Bullock's critically acclaimed Gravity and now the com...
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I don't quite understand the Manual time offset option.
The tvdb doesn't offer timezone information, but it seems common practice that all US shows are entered using their east cost air time.
So, if a show airs in New York at 8PM, that means it's 2AM in central Europe, 6 hours off.
If I want Seriesguide to display the correct time, I have to set it to "-3 hours".
So, my device knows my timezone is CET (GMT+1) and on tvdb, air times are EST (GMT-5).
This should be possible to work out automatically.
If it doesn't, I would assume I have to set the offset to +6, as it is 6 hours later here, or -6, as it is 6 hours earlier there, depending what side you look at it. So why -3? Isn't that 3 (or 9) hours off?
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I see.
So the problem is that times on tvdb and trakt use EST and seriesguide assumes PST instead? That would explain the 3 hours.
So at the moment there is no way of having the correct times for American and European shows.
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Marcel Ulbrich

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This is the behaviour my app currently has with +Chris Banes 's guide on how to create the new Material Navigation Drawer (
Screenshot 1: MainActivity
Screenshot 2: if the first LinearLayout lacks the fitSystemWindows attribute
Screenshot 3: if the LinearLayout is set to fitSystemWindows=true.

+Ander Webbs 
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#OnePlus #InsanityWeek is almost over and it is going out with a bang! For Day 5 we’re giving 72 OnePlus Ones to our wonderful fans. There’s never been a crazier way for you to win one of our 64GB flagship killers.

1. Share this message with the hashtag #OnePlus #InsanityWeek and tag 2 friends
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We’ll be announcing a new winner every 20 minutes. Find out what all the hype is about and join the Insanity!

The contest for Day 5 starts now and will close on Saturday, October 18 at 1.00 pm GMT (7.00 am CST). More info about this contest:
500 comments on original post
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Day 3 of #OnePlus #InsanityWeek is here. Do you think you can win one of the 3 OnePlus Ones?

1/ Spread the love with the hashtag #OnePlus #InsanityWeek

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4/ Go insane!

The contest for Day 3 starts now and will close on Thursday, October 16 at 12.00 pm GMT (6.00 am CST).

More info about this contest: 
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Have them in circles
127 people
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Marcel Ulbrich

Google+ Questions - Mobile  - 
How do I choose, which circles sync with my Nexus 5's contacts app?
In the G+ settings, there's only one option to sync all or none.
In the Contacts app, even when customizing, which contacts to display, it only allows to tick "My G+ circles" or none, not which circles.
Is there a way to customize, what "My circles" actually means?
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Thanks for letting me know, +Marcel Ulbrich!
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Marcel Ulbrich

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I think +Android Police should do a Lollipop feature spotlight on the new Enhanced Voice Input that incidentally also enables "Okay Google" everywhere for other languages aside from just English US.
This is enormously helpful for a lot of people and gets rid of the need for the workaround introduced in a previous update and still I don't see anybody talking about it.
cc +Artem Russakovskii.
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So, it seems Inbox users got a second round of golden tickets and can give out invites again. If anyone wants one, feel free to comment here. Get them while they last, first come, first serve.

Sorry, invites are gone. People were really fast with this one.
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When the next round of golden tickets comes in, I'll think of you guys and get back to you. Assuming it'll be three invites again, I'll close the comments now as the next winners are already determined, apparently.
Bored by #OnePlus #InsanityWeek ? Six phones in three days is a bit of a snoozefest. Now that it’s Day 4 let’s double that and give away 12 phones in 24 hours.

1. Share this post to public and tag at least 2 friends in your own post.
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3. Go insane!

Interested in the 2014 flagship killer? A new winner will be chosen and announced every two hours so the sooner you enter, the better your chances are. Things are going to get crazy up in here. The contest for Day 4 starts today at 1.00 pm GMT (7.00 am CST) and will close on Friday, October 17 at 1.00 pm (7.00 am CST).

More info about this contest:
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Right now is our most exciting giveaway. And it’s much bigger than invites: #OnePlus #InsanityWeek 
Right now is our most exciting giveaway. And it’s much bigger than invites: #OnePlus #InsanityWeek

1/ Share the following post with the hashtag #OnePlus #InsanityWeek
2/ Fill out the following form: 
3/ This contest is only open to participants from our 16 launch countries.
4/ Go insane!

The contest for Day 1 starts today at 12.00 pm GMT (6.00 am CST) and will close on Tuesday, October 14 at 12.00 pm (6.00 am CST). More info about this contest: 
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