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Deep Fried Ice Cream

Choi's deep fried ice cream is covered in nuts and so crunchy it's akin to peanut brittle, but not as sugary, the syrup in this dish makes up for that pushing the sweetness to level ten!
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Red Bean Pancake

Choi's red bean pancake is the best I've had! So sweet and simple, yet the texture is a favourite, and the syrup, so delicately harmonious to the red bean as it glides across my taste buds. #sweet #naughty #creamy #gooey #cold
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Green Tea Crème Brulé & Ginger Biscuit

A delicious blend of bitter sweet flavours made this a very rewarding end to our sushi festivities for the evening. #sweet #naughty #creamy #bitter #gooey #crunchy
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Green Tea Roll Cake w/Strawberry Cream

Wow, fluffy, sweet, green tea and strawberry work better together than I ever would have expected! #fruity #sweet #naughty #creamy
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Pumpkin Cheesecake

Amazing combination I would never have suspected could taste so good, this treat my Japanese sister-in-law made me, blew me away with its richness of texture and flavour. #sweet #naughty #creamy #homemade #cheesy
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Karaage Kushi Katsu

Wow, some awesome Kushi Katsu, didn't feel heavy afterwards and the chicken was so fresh I thought he must have killed it out the back! Perfectly tenderised and the karaage skewers pictured were some of the best karaage I've had. #greasy #meaty #crunchy #naughty #salty #herbed #spiced #cheesy
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Sounds amazing +Marcel Bennett !
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Kung Bao Chicken

This is my favourite dish anywhere. The chilies are dangerously hot if you get one by mistake, but the dish itself is mild and flavoursome and the cashews work so well with the sauce. I never leave anything on the plate, well except the black chilies! #meaty #crunchy #spicy
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Herb Encrusted Lamb Cutlets

My wife Ayako really won me over with this treat for dinner last night. So crunchy and the flavours were delightful. Now I find trimmed cutlet leftover in my lunch. Feeling undeservedly spoiled! #homemade #meaty #crunchy #herbed
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Aubergine Parmigiana

A classic parma from Jamie Oliver's Italian restaurant in Singapore with all the flavours one would expect from his simple style of dishes. Really complimented the entrée planks superbly. #cheesy
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Green Tea Parfait

With green tea ice cream, green tea jelly, a green tea cracker, the only things not green tea were the whipped cream, mandarin slice and mochi! It even came with a cup of green tea to wash it down! #naughty #sweet #creamy #bitter #cold
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+The Plate​ I love Japan's green tea obsession! It's among the many reasons I return year after year, just about to polish off a green tea and strawberry roll cake! :)
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Strawberry Waffle

Personally I prefer crunchy waffles, but the soft ice cream and great drink range sure made this a tasty afternoon treat. #sweet #naughty #cold #creamy
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Mandarin, Whipped Cream with 100's & 1,000's on Toast

That AWESOME moment when you're in Japan and your 9 year old niece brings you breakfast!!!

She clearly has my tastes pegged. #juicy #sweet #naughty #creamy #fruity #homemade
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I always enjoy my meal, from the pork sausages and mash to the chicken with apple slaw, the consistency is always high which is important to me. The PA Burger is always a good choice and the chips are nicely battered and portioned well to compliment the meal. However the service could do with tighter management as often at least one of our party will wait so long for their lunch that most people are already finished. The prices are also quite high given the cheap deals are no longer available on Thursdays.
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With friendly staff and some of the best Thai food in the eastern suburbs I've always enjoyed the Thai food I have had from Strictly Thai. As to whether the food is better enough to warrant the take away price, is up to the individual, but as a local Thai shop, the convenience outweighs the price differences to options further afield. My Thai sister in-law enjoyed it and the fried Tofu with sprouts and veggies was enjoyed by my mother, while my brother loved the exceptional cooking of the prawns.
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Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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Really enjoyable simple Italian with solid portion sizes. The chicken risotto was tasty as was the gnocchi, but for me I loved the service and house made garlic bread. It is so often the simple things some restaurants forget and the garlic bread was filled with flavour and just the way I like it. My only regret was not seeing the spinach crêpe on the menu until I was already up for dessert. I look forward to going back to give it a try.
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Given its proximity to transport and central city location it is unsurprising to find some very beautiful young girls at this establishment funding their university education. The rules of the house are simple, no touching at all. $50 gets you the length of two tracks from the dj privately. Or you can enjoy the main show and drink at the bar.
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Service was attentive and the decor was of interest, but my highlight was the adult milkshakes. I really enjoyed the Raspberry & White Chocolate shake with my chicken burger. Prices are decent and the atmosphere casual and relaxed. A step up from Grill'd, but only a tiny step up. Probably not the greatest burger bar in the area, but totally worthwhile giving it a go, prices are very reasonable.
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Incredible value and a great way to get a quick lunch, we organise a work lunch run once a week and it is the highlight lunch run. The chicken roll is my favourite, minus coriander, but the pork is also on par. When our last organiser left was when I realised how much I had grown to enjoy this weekly staple.
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I don't rate Pho much as a dish for my palate, but when you find the best of any dish regardless of what you think you like, you really should give it a go, otherwise you could miss something superb like the pho at Pho Hung Vuong. The meat was fantastic the soup was flawless the drinks couldn't compliment the meal any more than they do already, I hear this is as authentic as you will find in Melbourne and I am more than happy I have tried it and now been back two times... from the inner city.
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