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I just got the email that my +Android  +LEGO  design has been published!  Now begins the long and arduous task of trying to get 10,000 supporters.  I'm hoping that I can get the support of the Android community on this one to get us quickly to 10,000. #androidproject  .  So please share to help me promote this project.

If you want to make one for yourself and would like the instructions (in the spirit of open source), I will publish them online once we hit 10,000 supporters.  Hitting 10,000 supporters doesn't guarantee that the kit will be made as it still has to go through the Lego review board.  If it does get made, you will have your instructions with the kit.  Either way, once we can get to 10,000 supports, the instructions will be available to you.

Here is the link on the Lego Cuusoo website (you must register) with the full details of the build.

Thank you for your support.
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How big is he and can I fit a arduino board in him...... jk, that's awesome!
+Grant Lanning I just checked to see if the Arduino board fit (the one from Google I/O and the board is too big. :(  The board length is the same as the overall length of the Lego Android from head to base.  I'm not sure if the other Arduino boards will fit inside or not, but I REALLY like your thinking. :)
Thanks for your support.  Hopefully you will have an opportunity to purchase one soon.+Jon Candelaria 
And 1 for 25 supporters
I can't get over how awesome this idea is!!
+Abijah Herrin Yes, there is a Minecraft Lego set that just got released.  It had to go through the exact same process that I'm putting this #AndroidProject  through right now.
+lance meck  It can be yours, just got an support the project.  The kit and/or instructions will become available once we hit 10K.
Legos rock, love the android !!! Great combo...
+Blanca Alicia Perez  Thank you for the share.  The more exposure this gets, the more support the project will receive.
Dude this is going to hit 10k so fast. The magic of Google plus!
Done. Awesome work. You have my full support.
 +Brian Bock Thanks for your support.
+Blanca Alicia Perez  Thank you once again. :)
+Jon Candelaria  That is my hope.  I've never tried to promote something via social media and the response from Google+ has been extremely positive.  On Facebook only my sister replied LOL.
Saw something similar at BrickFair today - neato :-)

not sure if I can wait that long


can you post the instructions once you get... say.... 1000? I promise I'll still buy the final product :)
When we be able to buy and how much
+jason tyler both of those are big unknowns. Cuusoo just brings projects to LEGO's attention. Even with full support it doesn't guaranty that the model will become a marketed project.
+Ivan Yudhi It is my hope that by offering the instructions at 10,000 supporters it will give people motivation to go and support the project.  If I just put the instructions out there in the wild, then there is very little incentive left for someone to go and support the project.  I hope you understand.  
+Daniel Bentley The cylinders with the holes on the side are most commonly used as astromech bodies (think R2D2 minifig).  Those are a couple of the rare pieces that I was talking about on the project page.  We need this built as a kit because those parts are hard to find.
+Maurycy Damian Wasilewski Thank you for your sword, I will certainly take care of it.
+Melissa Williams He is currently 16cm or 6.25" in his current build (feet to top of antenna).  I may make his legs a bit longer but that is the general height.
+Daniel Bentley Excellent guess, very close. 
+Gilles-Philippe Morin I agree.  The Cuusoo site links with Twitter and Facebook currently.  No G+ love... yet. 
+Jason Elliott, +Dan Kiser  Thanks for your support.
Always happy to help :D Will ffor sure buy one of these if it makes it. Love Android Stuffs :D But all the Android THINGS!!!! lol
Got my vote too... currently you are getting at least one support every 10 seconds.... at this rate in 27 (I guess less) hours you would get the 10000 supports.
If you designed your own kit why didn't you make the body smooth?
+Daniel M. Ramos I am limited to the selection of bricks and plates that +LEGO has available in the Lime Green colour.  I didn't make the parts, I merely selected and assembled the model based on the catalog of existing parts.
i personally prefer this texture to a smooth one
+Caleb George Gotta show the trade mark +LEGO studs on there.  Also, it gives me some attachment points for accessories... which reminds me, I should get to work on his jetpack today.
Thanks for the explanation +Marc Young.  I didn't realize that Lego didn't have a kind of surface plating that could have been applied.  Kudos on the design.  Are you going to motorize and automate it in the next rendition?
+Daniel M. Ramos I haven't looked into motorizing it yet, but that is a definite possibility with using the +LEGO Mindstorm robot sets.  I was toying with the idea of building a completely black version with transparent blue eyes.  I would then install small circuit in the head with LED's that reacted to sound.  It would look like the one from +Android Collectibles Series 3 Nexus Droid.
Hey Marc, great idea! I threw a note to the guys at droid life and they posted this up to try and help out.

Best of Luck!
+Bryan Scala Thanks for spreading the word.  I think that if a few of the major Android news sites pick this up, we could see the project go into the review stage very quickly.
+simon Summerfield The current build has 205 pieces but that is because in locations where I could have used some common +LEGO pieces, either they weren't available in the Lime Green, or they were rare.  I estimate that the part count could be reduced by as much as 25% if this were a kit direct from +LEGO . I just wanted to get something together and get the project out there.  If it makes it over all the hurdles, then it will be refined before production.
I want one! ? ! ? Sooo cool!

Good job!
i love legos  so much i wish i make that :D
+mya dalton If you go and support the project, you will have the opportunity to make one yourself. :)
+Airam Delgado Manhartsberger lol.. so I guess I'm not the only one that keep hitting refresh every couple of mins? :p

I want this so badly... I don't even know why.....
Thank you everyone for your support thus far.  In a mere 24 hours we have gathered 1714 supporters.  Let's see if we can keep the momentum going. #AndroidProject  
+Marc Young No problem my friend, last i checked you made it on to Phandroid as well. Hoping the community comes through and pulls this passed the finish line.
I have updated the project with another photo of the legs and alternate legs.  We need more supporters, we are only 28% of the way there as of this writing.
+Marc Young do you know someone with like a million followers? maybe try to get those people share your posts... (unfortunately I know none)
+Ivan Yudhi Unfortunately I don't know anyone personally, or at least know them well enough to ask.  I wish I did, it would come in handy right about now.
+Airam Delgado Manhartsberger Thanks for the heads up and noticing that the "h" was missing from one of the links.  I found that ubergizmo like last night before I went to bed.  I did a Google image search for "Lego Android" and my image came up as #5 from the ubergizmo link.  I meant to add it today but forgot.
Please add +Lego Bugdroid  to your circles if you want to get updates on the how the project is going.  If the instructions are going to be released publicly, then this is the account that will tell you when and where to get it (should Lego reject us when we hit 10K).
Rose L.
What's the number now? Have you reached the 10k mark? :) Very creative with using the Lego! 
+Rose Le The count is currently sitting at 7560 gaining approximately 100 supporters per week.  At this rate, it will get to the review stage next spring and if it passes the review, kits maybe by the fall of 2013.
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