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Godzilla movie

Just saw a short clip of the new Godzilla movie at WonderCon. HOLY CRAP! Godzilla looks huuuuuge.

I can't wait for this movie to open. Wow.

#godzilla #godzilla2014 #wondercon #wonderconanaheim. 
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Let's hope it looks huge, not like that awful remake...
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Marc Velez

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Wha ha ha!
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Twitter recap of Game of Thrones, Season 4, Episode 2: The Lion and The Rose has their twitter recap of the new episode. 

What was your favorite tweet from the recap?

#gameofthrones   #gameofthronesseason4   #thelionandtherose   #thepurplewedding  
Rejoice, Tweepies! Revenge is a dish best served cold, preferably at the hands of one's loyal cupbearer! You know what time it is! It's Twiiiiiitter tiiiiiime agaaaaaain! (For a taster-sized version of some of this episode's epic tweets, check out this Twitter post from Sunday night!) These sweet Tweets were culled from George R.R. Martin's wildly popular episode "The Lion and the Rose." Directed by Alex Graves, this sucker's gonna go down as one...
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I missed this one from Tommen's cat, Ser Pounce:

@Ser_Pounce: things are going to fucking change around here. The King will see no one until we have this situation under control
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Marc Velez

Spoilers -This Week in GoT  - 
More Purple Wedding Reactions

Check out the Vine from Aimee Richardson, the actress who plays Joffrey's sister on the show. That was just brilliant!

#gameofthrones   #gameofthronesseason4   #thepurplewedding  
Much like the Red Wedding in season 3, the spectacular death of King Joffrey in "The Lion and the Rose" has inspired a new rash of reaction videos on the internet. Only the tone of the Purple Wedding reaction videos is decidedly different. Here's a compilation of fan reactions, put together by one Youtuber: Members of the Game of Thrones cast made reaction vids of their own. Aimee Richardson, the young actress who portrays Princess Myrcella Bara...
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Lol oh dear... I'm as glad as the next person that Joffrey is gone... My hat goes off to Jack Gleeson for playing the part of the sniveling cowardice awful brat... A job well done Sir!
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Disney's Firefly!

Yes, I would watch this. Someone make it so.

#firefly   #serenity   #cantstopthesignal  
Firefly Fan Art: Disney’s Firefly

I’m sure the Disney haters will moan about what a ghastly notion this is, but personally I love this mashup of the Disney animation style and Firefly. Two things that probably don’t belong together, but I kind of want to see anyway. I particularly like that in this artist Stephen Byrne has added an actual firefly as well as having the ship in the background.
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You can't stop the Disney.

Er, signal! I meant signal!
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Salem at WonderCon: Anaheim

The first 25 minutes of Salem is all sorts of creepy!

I can't wait to see the rest of the pilot when it airs.

#salemtvshow #wondercon #wonderconanaheim 
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Looking forward to checking this show out
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Marc Velez

Spoilers -This Week in GoT  - 
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Hot pie!
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Marc Velez

Fan Art - Items  - 
New comic! Arya and the Hound  by me and +Martin Brandt

#gameofthrones  #IllEatEveryFuggingChickenInThisRoom
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Marc Velez

Spoilers -This Week in GoT  - 
Behind the scenes of Joffrey's Wedding

+Entertainment Weekly has some behind the scenes stuff from Joffrey's Wedding. 

I wonder if there is a deleted scene where Jack Gleeson says "kneel before Zod." That would be cool.

#gameofthrones   #gameofthronesseason4   #thepurplewedding  
Joffrey was about to die and everybody was pretty relaxed about it. There was Tyrion, reading his iPad and occasionally making a joke. Sansa Stark...
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What if Game of Thrones took place on Facebook - Season 4, Episode 2

I love these recaps.

#gameofthrones   #gameofthronesseason4   #thepurplewedding  
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