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Just two days until Gen Con! The gaming is incredible, but there's also the Gen Con Writer's Symposium. Four days of incredible panels covering everything you could ever want to know about writing! I'm on the panels so if you're coming down, stop by and see me.
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Marc, so envious. Next year I will make it a priority in my schedule - Fair or no! Daughter will be older, and may even want to come.... good luck on the panels and take good notes for us!
I'm so excited! See you there!!
Wait ... people play games at Gen Con?
I know - it's a crazy concept!
Been a while since you last posted on Google+ isn't it!? :-)
Heh - yeah, I kind of stopped around the time I started my new day job. Plus, when I first started I was one of the only people using G+, and it got a little lonely. I'll have to try to get back into it again. It really was pretty fun
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