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People do not "suffer" from Down syndrome.

When we do experience suffering, its causes are often systemic. We suffer when we hear "retard" jokes in Hollywood films and coming from the White House, when teachers think our children can't learn, or when they are excluded from social opportunities.

These problems aren't caused by Down syndrome, but by ignorance and prejudice.

h/t to +Melanie Hollister
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Have reposted the arse off this everywhere. It's excellent.
Did anyone read the article this was responding to? The one written by 'Rabbi' Schmuley Boteach? I don't generally like to comment on spiritual matters, but for a Rabbi, he makes a good atheist.
I haven't read it yet either. Is it worth reading or did the HuffPost piece capture it well enough?
It's actually also under the HuffPost. It's under their Religion section, so take that for what it's worth. Rachel Adams' piece captures it well enough, I suppose.
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