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Wow! 59% of American's now support a public smoking ban and 19% support making smoking totally illegal in the U.S.
A majority of Americans (59%) support a ban on smoking in all public places for the first time since Gallup initially asked the question in 2001. At the same time, fewer than 2 in 10 support the idea ...
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Smoking is like heroin. You want to do it at home, I don't interact with you, drive by you, work with you, take of my kids, etc, Then go for it. What about the people who, when my child was a newborn were smoking right outside his window? (And still are?) What about the rights of a newborn not to have secondhand smoke blown into his nursery? His right to have fresh air in the cool of a September evening? How come those people are smoking outside bc they don't want to expose their own kids to their smoke, but don't care about my child smelling it? Smokers are one of the most stupid, selfish groups I know. Sorry smokers, just think about what I said. Smoke somewhere where my family doesn't have to be affected, THAT IS ALL I ASK.
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