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Marc Smolowitz
Multi-award winning director, producer, & executive producer of Film / TV / Web / Documentary. #writing #philanthropy #technology #storytelling #LGBT #HIV
Multi-award winning director, producer, & executive producer of Film / TV / Web / Documentary. #writing #philanthropy #technology #storytelling #LGBT #HIV

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{WATCH TRAILER} Dear Friends, Please watch the trailer for my very latest film as a producer -- DESERT MIGRATION -- the first comprehensive film about #HIV , aging and long-term survivors. We're having our WORLD PREMIERE tomorrow, Thu. June 25th at 4pm at the Castro Theater in San Francisco, as part of the #Frameline39  Film Festival. If you're in the Bay Area, please join us for this memorable screening. Tix: -- To contact us about screening the film in your community, go to -- Thanks for your support!

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** BIG NEWS ** Our clip of the first few minutes from my latest documentary +Heaven Adores You is the MOST-WATCHED clip of all time on the +AFI DOCS +YouTube Channel! As of this AM, we're inching toward 50,000 views. Check out this exclusive online teaser here: - and get excited for a film that is clearly poised to resonate with large numbers of people worldwide! Thank you for you support. :) xo

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Friends -- Very excited to announce that I've just finished producing a short narrative #film  for acclaimed filmmaker +Cheryl Dunye. It's called BLACK IS BLUE, and we're world premiering on June 20th and 26th at the #frameline38  Film Festival in San Francisco. The film stars the incredibly talented +Kingston Farady, and tells the story of Black, a  #Trans  man who works as a security guard. On a memorable night in #Oakland , CA, he is forced to confront his pre-transition past when he encounters a past lover. Get your tickets to one of our screenings at the Roxie Theatre here:

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Dear Friends, followers & supporters of #LGBT  civil rights --

One of my recent films as a producer -- +The Campaign Documentary about #Prop8  and #gaymarriage  -- is airing 800+ times across +PBS and #publictelevision  as part of #lgbtpridemonth , touching over 60% of the country! Please spread the word, and check your local listings for air-dates & times in your community.

Staring June 11th, many PBS stations are airing the film on the popular #WORLDCHANNEL  - click here for info:

For all other stations, you can visit our #film  page on the #ITVS  website here: -- enter your zip code -- and find air-dates in your own neck of the woods.

Finally, you can visit our refreshed website here:, and for more info about this latest wave of broadcasts, see our latest newsletter -

This has been an amazing 1st year since the end of #Prop8  and #DOMA , and our film shows #television  audiences where the recent national movement for #marriageequality  began -- right here in #california  back in 2008.

Thanks everyone for your continued support. 

Very best,

Marc Smolowitz
Producer, The Campaign

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My filmmaking nonprofit -- +The HIV Story Project -- produced this wonderful PSA for LET'S KICK ASS, a San Francisco network of HIV longterm survivors. Check it out, and if you represent an HIV/AIDS nonprofit that needs media services, please contact me. We'd love to try and find a way to work with you. Go to:

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*BIG NEWS* My very latest #documentary  as a producer is called HEAVEN ADORES YOU, and it's about the life & music of Elliott Smith. We world premiere on Monday, May 5th at the San Francisco International Film Festival (see: This week our first teaser dropped on Youtube, and in just two days, it has received over 30,000 views! WOW! Please watch, share and join the global movement of fans of Elliott's beautiful and stunning discography. Thanks for your support!  #SFIFF   #sfiff57  - learn more about the film at -- -- :) xo

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