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Marc Sauerwald
Online Marketing Manager, Conversion Designer, Webentwickler, Konzepter, Vordenker, Mitdenker
Online Marketing Manager, Conversion Designer, Webentwickler, Konzepter, Vordenker, Mitdenker

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A new and improved sitelinks search box available for all sites

Lots of new and awesome updates. Some highlights:

1. It has site-specific autocomplete. Yes, we suggest queries just for your site.

2. Using Actions markup, you can tell us where your site site search is located and we'll point the search form there.

More here: Actions are a very important addition to the world of structured data. You really need to understand them if you haven't dug in yet. The best place to start:

Basically, actions grow structured data beyond simply describing your content into the realm of how users can take actions around/with your content. You saw them last year in GMail ( ) so they're not just for websites like the searchAction used for the sitelinks search box we're announcing today.

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Gunnar Sohn weilt derzeit in Tunis. Mit seinem Gesprächspartner und uns wird er über den arabischen Frühling und das Social Web sprechen. 

Seite von Hannes Schleeh ►
Seite von Gunnar Sohn ►
Seite zum Barcamp ►
Seite zum Kanal ►

Viel Spaß und Abonnieren nicht vergessen ;-)

Mein Landwirtschafts-Blog:


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Complete guide on finding and removing malware from wordpress websites. DIY wordpress security guide. 

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jetz aber schnell:

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The Butterfly nebula, NGC 6302, lies about 4,000 light-years away in the constellation Scorpius.

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aber sowas von! 

via StreetArt in Germany

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Wenn Industrielobbyisten Regierungen verklagen und erpressen können wird´s noch übler in unserer Welt. Lest das und helft mit der Teilnahme an den Petitionen!

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