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I wonder what else we've forgotten.

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I listen to this every Friday without fail... 

To quote Douglas Adams - "Mark Knopfler has an extraordinary ability to make a Schecter Custom Stratocaster hoot and sing like angels on a Saturday night, exhausted from being good all week and needing a stiff drink."

(Edited for my fav version!)

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The packet capture shown in these new NSA slides shows internal database replication traffic for the anti-hacking system I worked on for over two years. Specifically, it shows a database recording a user login as part of this system:

Recently +Brandon Downey, a colleague of mine on the Google security team, said (after the usual disclaimers about being personal opinions and not speaking for the firm which I repeat here) - "fuck these guys":

I now join him in issuing a giant Fuck You to the people who made these slides. I am not American, I am a Brit, but it's no different - GCHQ turns out to be even worse than the NSA.

We designed this system to keep criminals out. There's no ambiguity here. The warrant system with skeptical judges, paths for appeal, and rules of evidence was built from centuries of hard won experience. When it works, it represents as good a balance as we've got between the need to restrain the state and the need to keep crime in check. Bypassing that system is illegal for a good reason.

Unfortunately we live in a world where all too often, laws are for the little people. Nobody at GCHQ or the NSA will ever stand before a judge and answer for this industrial-scale subversion of the judicial process. In the absence of working law enforcement,  we therefore do what internet engineers have always done - build more secure software. The traffic shown in the slides below is now all encrypted and the work the NSA/GCHQ staff did on understanding it, ruined.

Thank you Edward Snowden. For me personally, this is the most interesting revelation all summer.

Ah, sometimes you have to love the internet. And trains.... Rewind 45mins the me in the Gare SNCF in Le Mans.

Me: I'd like an Abonnement Frequence between Le Mans and Basel please.

SNCF: Sorry, that doesn't exist...

Me: I have had one for 2.5 years so yes, I think it does. I can also buy online, but came to you as I enjoy the happy service.

-> 30 minutes of arguing with all the staff insinuating that I am a liar, or have been in an alternate but strangely parallel universe for 2 years

-> I get out my phone, buy the Abonnement on and give the assistant the reference

SNCF: Err how did you get this, it can't exist... But, yet it does.

-> I tell him not to use the chip and pin on my credit card to pay for the ticket as it is a Swiss card and won't work. He does it anyway and tells me my card is invalid, looking at it like it is covered in anthrax.

-> I correct him again. The card works.

-> I get my ticket and leave, but he won't give me a €150 refund I an due on my previous abonnement as he doesn't believe that the ticket he just have me was real! Even though it was booked on the SNCF website. He printed it and gave it to me.

The window to get the 150€ expires tomorrow, so I'll now lose it... To add insult to injury, I pressed the wrong option on the website and bought for 1 year not six months. Bah.

Ah the joys of traveling by train!

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This is the brand new BMW M5. Technically, technically, that statement is correct. But before you go scurrying off into the world shouting it from the rooftops, brace yourself: it's just a facelift. Well, a facelift and some extra power, courtesy of something called a ‘Competition Pack'.

To coincide with the standard 5-Series facelift and mid-life refresh, BMW has treated The Best Super Saloon in The World to a series of tweaks to keep it on the boil...

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Home at last :)

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Light at the end of the journey...
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