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Marc Reichelt
Developer. Loves Linux, enjoys Android and open source in general. Making the world better, one step at a time!
Developer. Loves Linux, enjoys Android and open source in general. Making the world better, one step at a time!


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Waymo's fleet officially reaches 4 million self-driving miles! See how this experience prepared us for our biggest milestone: putting fully self-driving car on public roads with no one in the driver's seat >>

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Waymo, which started as the Google self-driving car project in 2009, is ready for the next phase. Starting now, Waymo’s fully self-driving vehicles — the most advanced self-driving vehicles on the road today — are test-driving on public roads, without anyone in the driver’s seat. And soon, members of the public will get to use these vehicles in their daily lives.

After more than eight years of testing and development, we're ready to unlock the potential of fully self-driving technology, so we can make it easier and safer for everyone to get around.

Watch the video:

And learn more:

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This post by +Jeroen Wiert Pluimers reminds me of a rant I started, but haven't yet completed.

I so wish, that the level of understanding of voice assistants were better. But, alas, Google has a lot to do. Oh, and I gave up on Alexa right after the first day, so it's even worse there IMHO.

Really troublesome is the poor level of context when it comes to music (or questions about books and authors). One big problem is, that artists as well as song and album titles are in all kind of languages. And so Google often doesn't even recognize titles I have in Google Play Music (and they should know which I have).

So whenever I say "play XYZ" it should try to either find games with that title, then movies then songs/albums/interprets. And don't try to do movies, when I have only the audio Chromecast connected. Try to find any audio titles that might match first before telling me, that I have no Chromecast (for video) connected.

And do that in different languages. And use context when doing so. Google knows that I am German, so please take this into consideration. Even if I try hard to pronouce French or English titles correctly, I'm bound to fail every so often and to use a certain kind of intonation that native speakers never would use. You should have enough samples to adjust for that. So please, do so.

You think, I'm asking for a lot? Well, maybe. But then again. I don't think so. If voice assistants are to take off, they have to solve these kind of things. I hope they will do. Actually, I'm sure they will - eventually.

But, right now, I'm with Jeroen: I'm not impressed either.

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My company flinc got acquired by Daimler!
I am proud to work with such an excellent team.
Now, let's build the future! 😊🎉🚘

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To every site out there asking me to whitelist them from my adblocker: No.

I'm not blocking your ads because I hate ads. Ads pay my salary and support content creators on the internet.

I'm blocking your ads because you're using nine different advertising companies on your site and they're slowing you down.

I'm blocking your ads because the less reputable of those advertisers have high latency connections that make web pages run slower.

I'm blocking your ads because the less reputable ad sites also contain malware that can do bad things to my machine.

I'm blocking your ads because you've decided to present a splash screen that interrupts reading your content, and sometimes isn't even dismissable.

I'm blocking your ads because they refresh after 30 seconds forcing a page refresh that reloads the page I'm reading and loses state so I have to find where I am on your site.

I'm blocking your ads because they're so bloated that your mobile page now takes ten seconds to load.

I'm blocking your ads because you're still trying to do pop ups.

I'm blocking your ads because they're redirecting me to other sites away from the content I want.

I'm blocking your ads because you're making them look like content in an attempt to get people to click on them.

I'm blocking your ads because you're using clickbait headlines to try and grab my attention and they are blatantly misleading.

I'm blocking your ads because your targeting is so far off that it's irrelevant.

I'm blocking your ads occasionally because I'm a paid subscriber to your site and you still feel the need to make me look at them.

When your ads become relevant, fast, useful, not malicious, not graphically intensive and helpful, I'll gladly add your site to my adblocking whitelist. I'm not averse to paying for content. I'm not averse to supporting content creators and journalists. I'm averse to bad user experiences. And that's all.

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Insane state of today's advertising part 3.

Companies like Cedato and (now OneByAOL?) are the scum of the Internet. Ads like these make me so mad. Just look at this shit.

A static ad loads. Then behind the scenes thousands of requests continue to execute, absolutely destroying browser performance. And the worst part is nothing is even happening on the screen - the ad that is showing is completely static.

Currently reproducible here:
1. Open Chrome Dev Tools on desktop.
2. Load up
3. Disable your ad blocker on that page and reload.
4. Observe the sad state of today's advertising hasn't changed in years since I first brought it up here and here

Advertising companies that do this - you are the reason people use ad blockers. Greedy and incompetent.

Edit: Oh good, my post is at the top of HackerNews​​ I hope those who can fix this mess notice.

The consensus is there's ad fraud going on here. I see this kind of thing so frequently, it's just sad that the ad networks allow it to continue happening, year after year.
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And then a wild +Android OTA zip file appeared for my Nexus 5X on and I was all like…
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#ARCore preview brings high-quality mobile AR, starting with Pixel and @SamsungMobile Galaxy S8.
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A bird? A plane? No, it’s #AndroidO, touching down to Earth for #Eclipse2017 & bringing some super (sweet) new powers:

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Version 1.0 of #Android Testing Support Library is available, including new APIs and documentation!

Read more here:

ATSL version 1.0 is a major update to our existing testing APIs and comes with lots of new features, improved performance, stability, and bug fixes. It provides full API parity with the now deprecated Android platform testing APIs. This release also adds a number of features that we discussed in our Google I/O 2017 talk, such as native support for Multiprocess Espresso and the Android Test Orchestrator.
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