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Marc Reichelt
Developer. Loves Linux, enjoys Android and open source in general. Making the world better, one step at a time!
Developer. Loves Linux, enjoys Android and open source in general. Making the world better, one step at a time!

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Made it: watched a lot of #io17 📽️ and added my favorites to - so you don't have too.
Enjoy! :D 🎉

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Android Studio 3.0 adds some big changes
Besides this awesome blog post which details many of the great features of Android Studio 3.0 (formerly, Android Studio 2.4), I'd strongly suggest watching the I/O talk [1] on 'What's New in Android Development Tools'.

Lots of newly added support:
- Kotlin (woohoo!)
- Android O (adaptive icons, downloadable fonts, and more)
- Android Things
- Instant Apps

The new Google Maven repository is going to make life a lot easier in the long run (and is the only way to get the new Architecture Components!) and the new profilers are going to be really helpful in tracking issues down.

The changes to Gradle (including backward incompatible changes) should hopefully be a win longer term - I'm really happy that the team is working on making sure everything can be done in parallel and cached where ever possible.

There's a lot more, so make sure to read the blog post for all the details!

[1] -

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Been using it for a couple of days - it's amazing! :D

Also, you can add me on social steps here:
Social Steps is now live on +Google Play

Coming to iOS in the coming weeks. Check it out, it's free! :-)

This is an after-work project we've been working for a couple of months now. Really excited to have it out. Thanks to everyone who participated into the beta test!

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This is really great news: Google is finally doing something about the Android update problem! YEAH!

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'Im Oktober wird im Land die K-Cityeröffnet – ein 360.000 Quadratmeter großes Gelände in der Nähe der Stadt Hwaseong, auf dem ein gigantischer Testparcours für autonome Fahrzeuge entsteht'

Nicht kleckern, sondern klotzen. In Südkorea entsteht ein ansehnliches Areal, in dem Unternehmen ihre selbstfahrenden Fahrzeuge testen können. In wie weit damit realistische Szenarien abgebildet werden können wird sich noch zeigen müssen, aber so etwas verringert in jedem Fall die Hürden für den Einstieg in entsprechende Forschungen und Entwicklungen.

In den USA gibt es vergleichbares in kleinerem Maßstab. Und was macht das 🚗 Land Deutschland? Wir geben ein Teilstück einer Autobahn für solche Zwecke frei.....

#autonomesfahren #selfdrivingcar #südkorea 

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I really hope we will see self-driving cars as soon as possible.
They are technically possible today - now we need companies to launch fleets in as many cities and countries as possible.
This week, we officially reached three million miles of self-driving on public roads — the equivalent to traveling to the moon and back six times! With this real world experience, along with our billions of miles of simulated driving, our cars are safer and more capable.

It took our team just seven months to reach our third million miles (by comparison, it took about six years to hit our first million!). We’ll keep on accumulating more miles, even quicker, as our 600 self-driving Pacifica minivans hit the road. And the most exciting part of our next million self-driving miles? We get to share them with our early riders in Arizona, who are using our self-driving vehicles to commute to work, head to school, and go out for a night on the town.

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Just spotted a self-driving Audi being tested on the streets of Munich.

Follower Power activate! Suche gute Espresso Maschine (Siebträger) die gute Crema machen kann für zu Hause für unter 100€.
Gibt doch hier sicher Genießer guten Kaffees :D

Ach ja: sollte eine Dampfdüse für Milchschaum haben!

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Your #android builds are too slow?
On TravisCI our Android build took at least 7 minutes - sometimes 15.
With our own machine running +GitLab CI and the +Docker image: 2 minutes.

In order to squeeze out maximum performance, I created a new Docker image that contains all the things, leading to a build time of under 1 minute! 🎉❤😃

Please try it out and let me know what you think – PRs welcome!

CC +Android Developers +Android Studio

PS: Of course every one of those builds uses a cached .gradle folder, so the dependencies do not have to be downloaded again.
Did I mention our builds also run code style checks, Lint & unit tests? :D
And it uses the brand new sdkmanager tool, too! Dockerfile on

Wanted: good Android tablet under 200€ & available in Germany! Ideas?
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