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Marc Phillips
Why are you seriously look at this?
Why are you seriously look at this?

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Exciting day planned. I love Boston (but not as much as NYC). ;)

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The thought of going to Boston tomorrow will make working extra tedious today.

I think what I like most about Google+ is the lack of clutter. I feel like it requires less upkeep. I mean, how many times a day are you on Facebook? Embarrassing amounts.

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My first blog post for Pearson!

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Leave it to Pixar to create a "game changing" 21st Century book. I don't know how I feel about this morally, but technologically--it's fantastic. Think of interactive computer reading games circa 1995, but with better graphics and a touchscreen interface. The child reaps the same benefits.

The only reason this is still awkward, is because you're making it that way. Post content and statuses. Make yourself at home.

Middle of the day and my eyes are already strained

How's everyone's day going?

Fantastic day in NYC. This weekend has been incredible, only to be matched by next weekend in Boston?
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