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This is the best speech I've heard in a while.
Powerful stuff.

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I don't always – or even often – agree with George F. Will. We tend to sit on opposite ends of political issues, him leaning right in places where I lean left. But on the subject of Mr. Trump we very much do agree, and on this subject I have to say that Mr. Will's rhetorical skills have far outstripped my own.

I can't summarize this well enough to do it any justice. From his description of how Pence "salivated for the privilege of being Trump’s poodle," to Sen. Burr measuring Trump's contrition with a "moral micrometer" as North Carolinians watch on, to his suggestion of how Trump's defeat might simplify the GOP's quadrennial election postmortem down to one sentence – "Perhaps it is imprudent to nominate a venomous charlatan" – this editorial is solid gold, beginning to end.

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Trump and his Russian friends are trying to scam you.

Don't fall for it.

Why the new cross faction community? I'm an owner of the other one along with +Joshua Reiniger​. I'd be glad to make anyone else an owner or mod ( +Kelly Kolton​, +Nikki Sherman​). 

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Is anyone else getting a weird ghost reflection off a bright light source? You can see it in both shots on the bottom right,including all 6 lights on the bottom of the pole... Also is the blue halo normal?
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This is the coolest live wallpaper I've seen in a while.

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“Go f— yourselves, you sad, attention-grabbing, power-hungry, little men,” Stipe said. “Do not use our music or my voice for your moronic charade of a campaign.”

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Welcome to our first post! Niantic, Inc. builds real world experiences that foster fun, exploration, discovery and social interaction. Follow us here for updates on new feature releases, game titles, and company news. 

#Niantic   #Ingress 

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Having always enjoyed drawing up and executing local layered fields with friends, there was always that desire to try designing something bigger. Then I was enlisted by +badeye99 as an anchor person on operation #bluekite.
The night after that op I decided I wanted to try to design a field of my own that was even bigger. There were many hours of searching for just the right anchors to cover Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago with as many layers as possible. After looking at many options I finally settled on a plan that met all the criteria I had set in place.
Knowing an op of this scale reached well beyond the contact list I had developed since I started playing #ingress, I decided I really needed help. It was time to enlist the help of +dgarnier. He looked it over and after a few small tweaks he agreed this was an op we should go forward with at some point.
Months went by. Keys were farmed. Keys were farmed again due to some hiccups along the way. A last minute trip by a Super Agent ensured we had enuf keys in place to make it happen.
The day was here! Right off the bat we had enl agents hitting Pentwater throughout the day. +TheHamlinHooker made 2 trips over to flip portals and hit some of their home areas throughout the day to try drawing them away. Close to go time, the anchor teams there met to distribute keys as the it seemed the Enl had all left, but the alerts started up again! Everyone went to their anchors and they all hit at once. While this was all going on the south lane was open and 1st link was thrown. Not a minute later the 1st anchor in Pentwater was inoculated and almost instantly a link came in. Moments later the south lane was clear so the Hooker closed the 1st field! As they battled to hold Pentwater we threw all of our layers as quick as we could. Even while battling in Pentwater and agents in Greencastle unable to hear over the local concert, their layers started to appear one by one.
Alerts went off for us in Trempealeau at this point so we went to say hi since we were across the street. We then raced to defend the last anchor in WI while hooker and his crew held the last anchor in pentwater. Everyone was able to get their fields up!! It was a complete success!! High fives were flying and congrats were wished all around!

When the dust settled...
• 8 million mind units per layer
• 7 layers made checkpoint with
• 20+ layers total
• 9 onyx illuminator badges were earned.

Thank you again to all involved! We have the best agents! This was a great success!
If I left anyone out I will apologize in advance! I also did NOT pruuf read!!


+Joe philly +Linda besh +Ingress +nia op

#ingress #Niantic #Resistance #Ingressresistance #baf #sitrep #OCR

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