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Marc Koegel

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I'm at the Seattle airport - looking forward to an amazing workshop in New York City with the Vision Explorers +Joel Tjintjelaar , +Sharon Tenenbaum , +Armand Dijcks  and +Daniel Portal 

For those interested in joining us last minute, check the Vision Explorers website - a last seat may still be available!
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'Point Roberts View' on Polaroid Type 55 PN Film

#minimalmonday +Olivier Du Tré

From the archives, I photographed this image back in 2007, using my Toyo 4"x5" and Polaroid Type 55 PN film. This is a 'full-frame' scan of the original negative.

Read more about this image by visiting my blog:
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+Marc Koegel masterful as always & even stands the test of time.
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Marc Koegel

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Fine-Art Minimalist and Winter Photography Workshop - March 8 + 9

Very excited for this workshop with +Olivier Du Tré , coming up in a few short weeks!

This going to be a very exclusive and unique 2 day winter workshop held in Calgary.

Really looking forward to teaching this together with +Olivier Du Tré 

Hope to see you all there!

For all details and online registrations, see this link:
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Scott S
Marc, definately let me know it would be great to get out and shoot with you.  +Heather Wilson let me know if you fancy getting out with the cameras (im London based at the moment)
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Marc Koegel

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Long Exposure Video Tutorials --- Last Chance to Pre-Order and Save 25%! --- Offer expires tomorrow at midnight!

I am incredibly excited to release my new 'workshop in a DVD' tutorial on Fine-Art Long Exposure Photography tomorrow!

That's only 24 hours away!

So here's your last chance to pre-order and save 25%. This special discounted price will be available until midnight on February 15th only. Price on February 16th will be $99.

For more info about my video tutorials please visit the following link:
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Just over 9 hours left now if you want to get the special pre-order price....order soon!
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Marc Koegel

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Thank you +Olivier Du Tré  for featuring my photograph in your #minimalmonday wrap-up!

Really looking forward to seeing you in early March for our  upcoming 'Winter and Minimalist Photography' Workshop.

Keep warm!
Minimal Monday Wrap Up no 109

Welcome all to another edition of the #minimalmonday wrap up. I've been hard at work on the prints for the portfolio review I'm having in just a couple of weeks. Working on the leave behind now and it is stressing me out.

OK so let's move on to the wrap up.

My 'fav of the day' award goes this week to +Adam Williams . Again a toss up between the first 2 on this list this week. I loved Adam's photo from the moment I saw it. It is a beautiful sensitive rendition of a gorgeous looking tree. With just the right amount of contrast and really good zone placement of the snow and the tree (here we go again about zones). It's a dynamic composition mostly thanks to the sloped visual horizon in the foreground. Nice atmospheric separation between foreground and background. Well done Adam. Hell of a way to show film is still relevant.

A super super close second was the photograph that +Marc Koegel added to the theme. Like he said, "it's an old shot". That doesn't matter. What does matter is the quality of this photograph and the pre-visualization that went into making it. Reading Marc's story, this was one of his 'seed' photographs. An 'aha' moment. Very nice photograph Marc.
I am also super proud and fortunate that Marc and I are planning our second workshop together in March. Here's to many many more.

And one of the participants is going to be +Bernardo Möller who this week submitted a killer photograph. Again great tonal separation (due to atmospheric conditions) between foreground and background. But also great tonal relationships between that foreground and background. You instinctively know where to look thanks to the tonality in this photograph. Love the 4x5 crop (but I'm biased).

I am so happy I discovered +Frank Daniel Brubakken (ADD HIM!). Frank uses a similar tonal separation technique to visually separate the subject from the background. Frank's shot is very dark. But again with a very clear focus point which sits on the baroque diagonal. Good off axis composition.

I enjoyed the intimate scene that +Šárka Svobodová submitted this week too. Again good diagonal composition. I like the reflection in the top part too. Tells a little more of the story that surrounds this square. I find it a little gray in the snow though. And a little empty in the blacks on the bottom. I think that Sarka (sorry I'm not doing all the crazy accents) was afraid to blow out the snow that this photograph got somewhat underexposed. There's about 15% of the histogram that goes unused. Use the complete range. It's OK. If you make it a bit whiter this photograph will really shimmer.

Then there is this photograph by +Bernd Walz . Rule of odds 1-0-1. Great visual equilibrium in this composition. And a great alternative to symmetry. Well seen. Masterfully presented.

And finally I wanted to share this photograph by +Craig Szymanski . I'm a sucker for scenes like this. There is something that draws me into work like this. There's two things though I would do to make this 'better'. Crop it to 6x17 (ditch the bottom left rock) and clone out whatever is in the distance there (buoy?). This way the rock becomes the one subject in this photograph and it will lay close to the diagonal of this composition. Making it the real center piece it deserves to be. Great sight!

That's it for this week everyone. Some really nice work yet again. Congrats Adam! See you all next week.
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Marc Koegel

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Here is a blog by +Olivier Du Tré showcasing student work produced during the workshop we both taught in Calgary recently! If you like what you see,  the next workshop has been set for February 7th and 8th, 2015. Registration opens soon!
Minimalist Winter Workshop Results: Glenn Marcus
The next few blog entries will be filled with the photographs our students sent in after our workshop. Let's start this series with a selection from the photographs Glenn Marcus sent in. For more of his work, connect with him back over on 500px . He's a gre...
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Marc Koegel

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Come with me to photograph in Iceland -- Virtual Workshop -- $99

I am very pleased to announce a completely new kind of educational experience: The Virtual Workshop! 

Fine-Art Landscape and Long Exposure Photography in Iceland. Join me for this journey May 21st - May 28th, 2014. 

Here is how it works:

This May 21st - 28th, I will travel to Iceland and bring along not only his still photography equipment, but also several video cameras. You will be able to follow me along my travels each day, and see how I create my award-winning imagery step-by-step from start to finish. 

I'll be wearing a video camera, as well as using additional video cameras, and I will talk you through every decision that goes into making an image, including (but not limted to), location choice, camera position and angle, lens choice, all camera settings, exposure, using ND filters (why and how) etc. In addition, I will also share my pre-planning strategies (such as finding a location, time of day for the shoot, angle of sun, tides etc).

Finally, I will bring the camera along to the digital darkroom and share with you each and all post production steps for each image. This task will be acomplished by recording a 'screencast' video right from my computer desktop.

I will be posting the videos, and image files, to a private (by inivitation only) online community created right here on google+ (specifically for this trip). Participants will not only be able to follow along my progress each day, you will also have the ability to ask questions and interact with me and with the other participants.

To read more about this unique 'virtual workshop' offering make sure to visit the following link:

Looking forward to taking you with me on this journey!
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Yeeeee would love that.
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Marc Koegel

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To all my photography friends: you don't want to miss this opportunity! It's time to get your images prepared and ready to submit!
43 days until general submission opens for the International STARK Awards Photography Competition, mark it on your calendar... #photography
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Marc Koegel

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Akranes Historic Lighthouse in Iceland!

For #minimalmonday    | +Olivier Du Tré 

I photographed this historic lighthouse on my first trip to Iceland back in 2012. It was the first image I took within 2 hours of my arrival to this incredible place. 

Photographed using a Nikon D800. Exposure was 210 seconds @ F5.6 and using 16 stops of ND filters on my 22mm lens.

While photographing, I started chatting with another photographer who came walking down the rocks. We talked about Iceland, cameras (he had a DSLR with him) etc. All of a sudden he asked me: "would you like to go into that lighthouse?" Before I could even respond with the obvious he added: 'just asking because I have the keys'.  

I was baffled, how about this for a start to this photography trip?!

I gladly accepted and received a 'grand tour' of the lighthouse including a look inside some historic photo albums.

I could not have imagined a warmer, friendlier reception. And I knew right away that this would not be my only trip to this incredible place. Before leaving Akranes, we both had a chance to make quick portraits of each other.  

Weeks after coming back home to Canada and Hilmar found me on Facebook. We have stayed in touch ever since...
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Scott S
hi Mac, Im doing well just wanting to get out and shoot!
Thanks for the advice.....ill stick to the old trusty scaffolding!!  I havent booked anything at the moment but was looking for early May, but seen as you might be around the end of may (how many days are you there?) It would be great to get a shoot with you
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Marc Koegel

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Over 44k views!

The trailer for my upcoming video tutorials on Fine-Art Long Exposure Photography Techniques has now been viewed over 44000 times!

Thank you all who have viewed, left a comment and got in touch. This feedback and positive reception means a lot to me!

The initial pre-order of 100 units sale priced at $75 (instead of $99) has sold out now, but I have added another 100 units that still qualify for this 25% savings. This offer is only available while those quantities last, and will expire by February 10th.

To pre-order my video tutorial(s) at this special discounted price of $75 please go to:

Thank you and have a great weekend everyone!
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Father of two beatiful kids. Award-winning fine-art photographer specializing in long exposures.

Marc Koegel is a proud father of two, a photographer, educator, writer and the director of Vancouver Photo Workshops LTD (

His black and white long exposure landscapes, nudes and architectural photographs have been widely exhibited in Vancouver and internationally.

Born in Germany, Marc first came to Canada in 1996 to earn an Economics degree. He has been seriously involved with photography ever since he was given his father's camera and darkroom setup at the age of 12 (Yes I fit this stereotype).

To create his fine-art photographs, Marc works with both, film and digital processes. See Marc's photography by visiting the following websites:

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