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Believe in Yoursmellf!
In Old Spice's latest campaign, a new spokesman dumps Heather Graham.
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That's what was wrong all along... You only think of yoursmellf.
How does Heather feel about this "upgrading". I haven't told her that you said she never looked as good as she did in Twin Peaks.

Want me to drop that little bombshell?
+Tormod Renberg Lerøy Don't taze me bro!...actually, it was Boogie Nights ...and you can't tell her anything because she's right here...uh Heather?...wait a minute!...OMG - I think she just ran off with +Aldric Newberry !
I've got to hang my head in shame now and go back to work...:-(
You scared her into another man's arms?! We were supposed to cuddle and watch the Big Bang Theory.

You realise, of course, that this means war.
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