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I am Legion.
Have you ever found yourself wondering what the average age of the G+ population is? Well, wonder no more - you can simply go here to find out!

If you'd like to contribute to the survey, you can do so here.

(The back-story on this survey can be found here, if you're interested.)

I am an Engineer & Geek with a passion for Xbox 360, Windows Phone and all things Tech.

I am also keenly interested in the Human brain and all the hard and soft sciences that go along with it: Philosophy, Ethics, Psychology

I love music, art, and photography as well, and until quite recently have been lamenting the fact that I was pretty much incapable to creating any of these.
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I once hungout with Jeri Ryan.
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Marc Jansen

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This has been a recurring ear-worm for me for 30 years now.

(Oh how I hate to admit that!!)

I still love the song, though.
FNS: After Hours

Murray Head - "One Night In Bangkok" [1984] ReWorked
For +Eileen A. McAllister who had our first, and only permanent request on FNS during our first 2.5 years!! (this song!)

#FNS   #fridaynightsessions   #80smusic   #80srewind   #murrayhead   

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Must. Not. Plus. This.

I plussed and won't apologize.
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Marc Jansen

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Why, will you look at this!

One of my favorite unsung singers heroes of G+ has a new project in the works, and he's provided a little sneak-peak.

He has quite a nice voice, I have to say, so even if this isn't your style, I hope you can still appreciate his talent.

Why not go check it out. I think you'll like it.
Here's a short video of a song I'm working on schedules for a June release. 
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I really enjoyed this.  He has a wonderful voice and the lyrics are terrific.  :))x
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Marc Jansen

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Statistical analysis of movie posters?

Why, yes, please.  This is just the sort of thing that I enjoy reading about.
The way that the statistical distribution of colors in movie posters has changed over the past century. Apparently, movies posters have been getting systematically bluer and darker, especially after 1977. 

I have no idea what to make of this, it's just kind of cool. If you click on the images in the blog post, they open up and become interactive, which is also cool.

via +Steven Flaeck.
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Marc Jansen

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Today’s launch is targeting 3:25pm ET. The live launch webcast begins in T-60 min!
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Marc Jansen changed his profile photo.

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Ever the restless Avatar-seeker...
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It.s a fantastic pic.
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Marc Jansen

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Hmmmm.....  I actually, sort of, buy this....

Dyer's suggests that one reason we have so much pent-up aggression over cute pictures is that seeing something cute, like a baby, drives us to want to take care of it. But we can't reach through a photograph to cuddle it, so we get frustrated -- and then aggressive.
So, take this with a grain of salt and all, it's hardly a peer-reviewed phenomenon...but I am highly amused that someone is attempting to study why we look at cute animals on the internet and, collectively, as one, all go OH MY GAWD I CAN'T EVEN AGHHHHHHHHHASDFJKL;
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Wow... I'm amazed we ever discovered penicillin. Some scientists are just plain dumb.
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Marc Jansen

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Is it possible to smoke the tires in a Tesla Model S, you might wonder...

Why, yes.  Yes it is.

And, as +Leilani Munter illustrates, it appears to do so with much gusto.
In case you were wondering... yes, I can do burnouts in my electric Tesla
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Yes, that has certainly been a thorn in the Industry's side, +John Palmer.

I'm super-geeked about the future of EV's, and I am utterly in awe of how far we've already come, thanks, in large part to what +Tesla Motors has achieved over the past few years. 

The truth is that they had to build this car first in order to get the infrastructure in-place to support the lower-end versions.  

And, making it out-perform every other sports-sedan on the planet and safer than every other vehicle ever built was, in all honesty, sheer Genius on their part.  Without those two badges of honor, the Early Adopters never would've materialized, and they've certainly relying on those Early Adopters to help lay the groundwork for all sorts of industry-changing things, from their distribution model, to their SuperCharger network, to their upcoming Gigafactory.
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Marc Jansen

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Damn, but this was well-done!

The various styles of animation over the years were captured perfectly, I thought, and I really thought incorporating the themes from the Superman and Man of Steel movies was a nice touch.
Superman 75th Anniversary Animation

This animation cleverly weaves together some of the defining moments of the 75 years of Superman’s history from all media. The art style cleverly adapts to the different eras as does the music. It’s clever and fun retrospective.

Really my only criticism is that it’s too short.
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amazing. I love seeing the character evolution!
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Marc Jansen

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Now we're talking!

This thing might even last longer than two meals, too!

Pizza Cake: Folly or Fantastic?

A Canadian pizza chain crowdsourced ideas ( for the next big thing in pizza; one of the ideas? A six-layer pizza cake.

How do you think pizza cake would fare in the Triangle? 

photo credit: +Eater

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Heh... I was all about toppings and the sauce kept harshing my mellow ;-)  Good thing there's something for everyone's taste.  (And Lefty's Pizza in San Diego makes a thick crust that is to die for.)
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Marc Jansen

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Ding!  Ding!  Ding!
Oh, yes. Absolutely!

Original link:
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