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We designed a gif exclusively for G+ and the #ProudToLove campaign in support of gay marriage!
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This is just one of the many reasons why I love your company. :)
not picking sides here but that part of history hasnt happened yet and when it does either way there will be a lot of unhappiness every where so she may not be on the wrong side of history after all Mr. +Matt Conn 
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Ma Loy
I have plenty of gay friends but I will not support them on this .... 
Tara Wall
Why are americans so far behind the other developed countries. They are great at inventing things and producing entertainment, however they're stuck in this severely traditional, outdated, uneducated way of thinking. When your country cares more about keeping their right to shoot each other every other day, instead of opening their eyes like everyone else has been for years and granting equal rights-you know something is completely off with their society. Either catch up to the rest of the world or follow in Texas's footsteps and become a bunch of pigheaded racist and homophobic hillbillies that the rest of the world laughs at
Its not acceptsble in the eyes of god.god created only male and female no other gender it is wrong
Gay people are human. Therefore, I respect them. You're nice to me, I'll be nice to you. +Drake Lowes the world is much easier when you can get along with everybody.
Lol so you waited until after you got married to have sex then im assuming? I feel so blessed to be amongst so many perfect non sinners that play God
I don't promote homosexuality. However, I don't go around insulting fellow human beings. If they want to be gay, that's their business, not mine.
Im so tired of hearing about Gay Marriages, so very tired....
Well said, you have a lot more patience with homophobes than i do. They need to get off their high horses, or else i'd really love to know -when did they choose to be straight? There have been gay animals and gay people for centuries, religion never beats science
+Tara Wall I don't see what science has to do with being gay. I think Religion vs. Science is another argument, so lets stick to the topic before we attract even more a$$hats.
The day you can approach a pregnant woman and ask her: what would you prefer a boy or girl, and her answer is: neither, I want my baby to be homosexual. That's the day we can start talking about equality...
So far I have only met fathers and mothers who hope for a healthy boy or a healthy girl... not for a healthy gay.
I'm kinda shocked at the amount of hatred and bigotry here :(
Next step of the legislation will be redefinition (before the law) of gender... wait and see. I believe the gay agenda is extensive and has very little to do with love. That is my believe and I am entitled to it. I am not here posting comments to make enemies nor friends. If my words offend you... too bad. I am not insulting anybody.
+Tara Wall science has yet to prove if you're born gay yet either. No gay gene detected.
+Alonso Valencia You can't redefine gender. Do people actually believe that?

Raise your hand if you think gay is a separate gender...!
It's a personal preference. They aren't discriminated like African Americans..they weren't born gay. I don't care about gays...but it's not persecution. They have the same rights as you and me. 
Oh, Yeah could it be, we used to  wear the same clothes: windows put together , blue, green, light of sun, pink
+Alonso Valencia "That is my believe and I am entitled to it." That doesn't make you right. You're entitled to your opinions; we're all entitled to question your ignorance. Plenty of people who are pregnant say that they want their child to be happy, whether they turn out gay or straight or bi or asexual or anything in between. A good parent won't care about those details and will care more about whether their child will lead a happy life. Supporting equality ensures that this is the case; that's why Chris Kluwe lends his voice to the cause as an ally -- because he has two young daughters and he has no way of knowing who they will love one day. He simply wants to make sure that when they find love, they're able to celebrate it and embrace it the way love should be. He wants them to be happy.

I seriously hope you haven't/don't procreate. You sound like my father, and if that's the case, your children will have to go through quite a lot of therapy and distancing to heal the wounds you inflict. 
Have you tested it for an epileptic response? The frequency seems like it might be an issue.
+Alonso Valencia you are insulting everyone..its not a matter of opinion..and if it me no one cares about yours..keep it to yourself...

Gay people do not affect your life in the tiniest bit so you trying to affect their's is unjust...why is this so hard to comprehend. They are free to do as they please as you are free to do as you please...each can stay on their side and shut up...but since people like you wont shut up..they wont either..until you you know why we have gay pride parades...because we have idiots like you who are against gay people...if being gay were not judged we wouldnt need gay pride to wake people like you up...

Its only an opinion when it doesnt affect others..the minute it crosses that line, its not an opinion and you arent entitled to it... 
+Chris Karavoulias ... Gay people absolutely affect my life. They have shoved their homosexuality down my throat and into my home in such a militant way that I find it completely disgusting. Every. Single. Television. Show. Now has to have a homosexual in it. I am completely sick of the topic. They have affected MY life and the life of my children in a way that can no longer watch television together as a family because I don't want my children seeing this militant garbage. I love how everyone always thinks "progress" and "enlightenment" is a good thing. Keep this garbage out of my home. 
G+ has decended into Facebook 
OK, is it just me or is anyone else completely floored that this kind of debate is happening on the Marc Jacobs page?? I mean, you're following Marc Jacobs Intl and are completely unsympathetic to gay rights? I mean Marc Jacobs? Fashion?
+Lee Arnold you are know the same can be argued about the garbage from your life being shoved down evryone elses throat What a funny statement from a homophobe...

Just because you find straight sex to be ok doesnt mean its not disgusting to them... you seem to think that you are superior and therefore your way is the right way...guess arent and its not..there is no right and wrong with it...

As for your sorry...not because they have to watch these things on tv as you say..but because they have to be raised by a small minded person like you...

can we keep your garbage out of our homes..???no..because you keep shoving it down our throat ... Keep your garbage at home so we can live a life without it!!!
With almost every issue in life, there are always idiots on both sides. In this case, most of the idiots seem to be on the opposite side. Depending on where you stand. And you know my position.
actually +Adriana Sutton very hypocritical...i thought I responded to +Will Buntin but I dont see my response...

I was saying that I find it funny that these kind of people come from a background of religion which according to the teachings of their own religion..requires them to behave in the exact opposite I find that be very strict in your teachings and use them as guidelines and the basis of all your argunments when in fact they contradict EVERYTHING they are doing...

its funny in a  dark way ;)
We are in usa thi an liberti country. You can be WHO you wan to be! 
Its amazing all thw hate you find here at a Marc Jacobs page. Amazing all how everyone doesn't seem to realize that irs the fashion industry where 95% of this world suppoets gay right. I'm almost sure Marc himself is a homosexual.
Being gay, its neither a disease, neither a just happens.. So all those small minded people should stop arguing, we all got the same rights...
I can't believe we're still talking about this. Homofobia is so primate. 
there are people in here that are just... unreal, unbelievable! 
+Bailey Edeburn , DOMA was struck down today. looks like she is on the wrong side of history, thank you very much
Geez there are a lot of sore losers on here today :-P 
Lighten up people, hetero marriages are still the same :-) 
love Marc Jacobs ?
the one girl loves Marc Jacobs
and i am the girl one
everytime i watch tv i have to see these straight people on every single tv show too so what?
The bible says, that one should only have sex to conceive a child. That is of course only possible with one man and one woman. But nowadays, there are so many children in orphanages, that people can adopt, no matter if the parents are homosexual or heterosexual. So I don't see the reason in the bible why homosexual marriage should be forbidden, or why they should have less rights. Or do you only ever have sex when you want to conceive a child? Anything else would then also be against the bible. But while we're at it, and without taking sides: Why is polygamy still forbidden? If people choose to live in polygamy because they just love it that way, why shouldn't they have the right to do so and the same rights as everyone else? Just a penny for your thoughts, not taking sides here ;)
+Drake Lowes so? One couple's marriage is nobody else's business. Why should you or anyone give a shit what other people do? Got bored of Wizard 101 that you gotta crash other family's weddings? Real mature....
last time I checked the word "love "didn't come with an instructional manual saying who and how you can love.and since when is it anybody's business to tell other people how they can love.
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