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Big difference between saying science can make a TV and tell me how the whole universe works. We laugh at the ignorance of past generations and their assumptions. Yet some future generations will see our assumptions and theories as ignorance. We need to keep clear what is theory. And what is truth.
Science is a method of revealing truth, and being able to create computers and a world wide communication network is one of millions of validations that the method works.

Yet we still have yahoo's chiming in that science is wrong. It is not wrong it is the opposite, the scientific method of discovery is the single greatest achievement of mankind.
I just think we need to keep in mind that what we are not as advanced as we think we are. The ice man was found with bronze weapons. A mind that can smelt bronze can make a micro chip. He just doesn't have the know how. but he had the capacity to understand how to. When we anounce some new truth we prove just how limited our scope of the universe is. And I think we need to keep that in mind.
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