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Marc Hertogh
Dad, Husband, Computer Programmer, Tabletop and PC gamer
Dad, Husband, Computer Programmer, Tabletop and PC gamer


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#DND Advice needed. Running Curse of Strahd.

My (6) PC's are level 7 and just
basically went Nova within Ravenloft and killed 4 Vampire Spawns, Strahd's right hand man, and all but one wolf.

The wolf made it out and will soon report the news to Strahd. This all happened right after Strahd Married Ireena Kolyana. PC's just did not care/forgot about the wedding plans.

The PC's have found no items of power, nor did they get the helper (The drew poorly and had none).

Question: What would Strahd do. Race to kill the PC's who are low on energy. Or wait until Ireena rises as a Full Vampire*. The first version I feel gives the PC's no chance, the second feels a bit better, but I am not sure if that would be within his personality ... it also might surely doom them as now they face two Full Vampires.
*I just can't imagine that Stradh would leave Ireena a Vampire Spawn.

Any advice/suggestions for making it feel real, but not instantly dooming the party?

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Posting this so I can read it later! 😀

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Amazon has good deal on this. While I liked the exclusive cover on Volo's guide...I much prefer the standard cover for this book. Plus the discount is substantial.
Xanathar's Guide to Everything

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The time running out. Just about $900 to get the final stretch goal!
Cortex Prime: A Multi-Genre Modular Roleplaying Game, via @Kickstarter

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Umm ... ummm... wow... I, ... yeah ... so watch this I guess.

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Looks like a good deal if you always wanted 4E Champions but did not have the dough. Sorry only 2 hours left.
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We want to highlight the 4E Essentials offer's Core Collection, a senses-shattering array with the Big Blue Book itself, Classic Enemies, Classic Organizations, PRIMUS, VIPER, Normals Unbound, Hero Bestiary, and more. With just these 13 vital books (retail value US$97.50), you can run a years-long campaign -- all for just $15! The rest of the collections are bargains, too. You can get all 65 books -- a $410 retail value -- for just about $70! But these two Champions 4E offers fly away in three hours!

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