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Geek, Husband, Father, School Governor
Geek, Husband, Father, School Governor

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My dog is ... quite mad

High velocity refreshment

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I'm fed up with the bullshit of #Christians , #Muslims and other #religions claiming that they get their morality from God but we #atheists have no morals because we don't follow their holy books.

There is no question of morality without gods, there is only the question of morality.

Some religious people say that without the fear of eternal torment or the promise of heaven, God's divine and supernatural punishment and reward scheme, that mankind would go around murdering, raping, molesting, thieving, warring and destroying at will. If morality is doing the right thing when nobody is looking, and religious people think that a magical sky daddy is always looking, then they only do the right thing because they have to.

Atheists behave ourselves because it is the right thing to do, no extortion is necessary. Doing something for fear of violent and eternal repercussions is compliance, not morality. Doing something for a reward is mercenary, not morality.

It seems that many of the religious, particularly the fundamentalists, are trapped in the lowest levels of moral development. The pre-conventional, obedience and punishment orientation and the self-interest orientation, the level that we would expect to find children. Many of us have advanced to the higher levels of morality, the post conventional social contract orientation.

Imagine if it were true what they claim. Prisons would be packed with atheists instead of making up 1% of them (where the general population is between 15% and 20% atheist in the USA). The most religious would be paragons of virtue. No priest would ever rape a child. No pastor would ever cheat on their wife.

If a religious person does actually believe that they would become a murderer, rapist, thief, etc if they lost their faith then maybe we should watch out for that person. They clearly aren't stable enough to function in society without an imaginary friend keeping them on track. If they ever slip and doubt for even a moment then we should have them committed to a mental institution for the protection of themselves and of society.

These moral illiterates don't get to sit in judgement on their moral superiors.

Apologies for the millions of sensible and reasonable believers who don't conform to these stupid stereotypes. My irritation is aimed at the fools still trapped in the Iron Age, not at you.

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Turned my rant on DBNull.Value into a stackoverflow post:

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Finally found something else up there with (maybe better than?) Samuel L. Jackson's reading of "Go The Fuck To Sleep" - specifically, Tim Minchin's "Lullaby": Lullaby by Tim Minchin

I challenge any parent to say they've never had days like that.

(UK) Do you think that faith-based groups running public-funded schools is harmful? if so, the BHA needs your support:

(please click the "Read more" to see the reasons etc; and to clarify - I'm not anti-faith; I just don't think it is reasonable for faith-groups to have any special grounds to influence public policy, or have dispensation around equality law)

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Listening to Tim Minchin "Storm" - awesome: Tim Minchin's Storm the Animated Movie

The awesome Stack Exchange business cards arrived today; the pack line must have had the offset wrong, as I got two of Michael Pryor, our CFO.

So I'm off... Er, I mean Michael is off to the bank to make a small withdrawal...

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Reliving my youth, listening to some "Sleeper" today - takes me back, but very good listening, IMO:

Side effect of the school holidays and kids being at home. I've even had to break out the closed-back headphones

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