Hmm.. I never realized Coruscant was so full-of-life! I thought the surface was busy, but underground seems massive! It looks like a great game, but statistically the odds are stacked against Star Wars 1313 being successful.
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How come I think this game will fail? Because almost all the Star Wars games that release fail. Obviously I'm over generalizing. It's either Star Wars fan have too much expectation or the developers create a video game, but not one that captures what a Star Wars fan is looking for.
I actually have high hopes for this.  I was reading that you'll play a bounty hunter as opposed to a Jedi, so that could be interesting.
As a self proclaimed star wars fan I can agree. Only 4 star wars games or
lines have i ever fully embraced. The best being KOTR or the force
unleashed series
Hmmm, I need to peep game once the ps3 gets fixed
A lot of us, including my son, is waiting for a new release of Star Wars: Battlefront. That game was off the hook. Even though it's an original Xbox game we still play it on my 360!
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