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Marc Smith hung out with 60 people.Asad Ullah, Geoff Atteberry, Layne Daskalos, Jack Pines, مصطفى السليماني, Carlos Rebanales, Jer Troiano, RODRIGO ARACENA, Austin Mains, ivy browne, Rebecca Duncan, carlos ruiz, Hugo Junior, mrwan read, Austin Reif, Anthony Reyes, محمد الغزيل, Justin Drew Bieber, Leildo Pamplona, Tim Behrens, gabriel lucas, Fabio Nascimento, karina smith, Christopher Johnson, Valentin Aplbep, Jackie Shmock, Bob Gibson, Spencer Stastney, Jack Curtis, Sarah Rios, Jenna Holland, Boodi gentel, BERKKLEY EISELE, Maicon Lunardi, logan loghry, lil blaze, Jessica Simond, Yang Wang, Fábio Mesquita, James Cachine II, Colin Cristache, Toshiya Hosten, sameh abdo, Carlos Alberto Camacho Loyaga, الوحش السود, Aziz Shaikh, Amara Mitchell, Brian Faughnan, Syed Azeem Shah Bukhari, NAVEEN SHARMA, Angelyssa Figueroa, Ramón Majasol, Jesús Córdoba, Davy Jonathan, Ogu Ryouji, GASTON ZAPATISTA, Ali Zaenal Abidin Assegaf, maxim Postnikov, ahmad ali, and rachid monchit
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Marc Carmi Smith was in a video call with 50 others
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That's the bummer I guess with a hangout that you can only attend in a passive way. I saw you in there +Geoff Atteberry -- thanks for swinging by!
Hey, that was cool, even with the ninja mute and for you folks who didn't last but a second, we'll keep trying to convert you to jazz lovers.

Rob, do you have "Hangouts on air" enabled on your account? That would be the easy solution.
+Geoff Atteberry Yes, I do. I just didn't set-up mine up (obviously). I was too concerned that the hangout would be too much like guests that I invited to the gig and then did nothing but ignore (since I was busy with the gig)
I would recommend using it if you're going to do another live performance. Tonight showed the achilles tendon of random users being able to mute you mid-set. And I can't even tell you how many trolls and kids popped up shouting, waving their hands, doing whatever they could to ruin the experience for everyone else.
I'm not joking, at one point a pair of what looked to be 8 year old girls popped into the room screaming gibberish, then giggled when we told them to stop, and ran out of the room.... it was kind of creepy.
That's unfortunate. We'll do it the 'grown-up' way next time.
I think I ended up blocking at least 8 users tonight for being ass-hats during the hangout. But enough bitching. The 30 minutes or so that I was able to catch was great. Thanks for putting it up. I know the odds of me getting out to Cali to see you guys perform is slim to none, so it was nice to get a glimpse of it.
Awesome. We'll do this a bunch more. I was glad Marc put up the hangout despite the troll invasion
One thing I might suggest is announcing your performance a week or so ahead of time to a limited share. Then when the performance is on, share it to that circle of people who are interested. If you use "Hangouts on air" it might not be such an issue anyway. I just really miss the beta days when a public hangout didn't mean opening yourself up to selfish, thoughtless trolls.
True. Public hangouts seem to be the troll's new natural environment.
Public hangouts are a half step away from turning into ChatRoulette... and from some stories I've heard, it already has.
Great! and that was totally the goal; get it to the people.
Next is getting some bandwidth. That was broadcast via wireless.

Wow. When you say wireless, do you mean Wifi, or cell? If that was cellular, that was pretty impressive. The sound was limited as it always is by the hangout codec, but the drums were crisp, and the bass and the guitar were distinguishable. That may not sound like a stellar review, but for hangout audio, it was more than I expected. Did you use room mics, or a board mix, or... what?
Just the mic on the webcam via wifi
So it was wifi, but that was a webcam mic? Even more impressive. You must have put it right in the sweet spot.
Yea, Microsoft Lifecam via wifi from a 4 year old Dell laptop, sitting behind a coffee roaster!
Ha! Hot damn. Well do it again, because it worked great.
> but the drums were crisp, and the bass and the guitar were distinguishable
That's very encouraging actually!
some of the upper runs on the bass almost sounded like a horn, and same for the lower runs on guitar. I don't know what it sounded like live, but I enjoyed it on my end.
needless to say, the lower runs on bass were just barely there, but that's the hangout codec.
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