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Marc Cardwell
graphic designer, illustrator, dad and husband. mac fan boy.
graphic designer, illustrator, dad and husband. mac fan boy.

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any of you geeks have a windows phone? want to share your experiences w/ it? asking for my daughter (!) a life long iPhone user...

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i'm mostly a mac guy, but have a SP3, am interested in painting app called Rebelle, and the following is what they say about the SP3. my question: will installing the mentioned drivers interfere with the built in driver? what does the SP3 use for its driver? sorry for the stupid questions!

At this moment Rebelle does not support either Microsoft Surface touch features or pressure sensitivity directly. Our plan is to include support for Mirosoft Surface to the future updates.

There is a temporary solution for this: you can install N-trig Wintab driver that makes the pressure sensitivity work right on Surface Pro 3, 4 and Surface Book. You can find the driver for Surface 3 here and for Surface 4 here by clicking on "Download"...

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what's a gently used iPhone 6 supposed to cost these days? need one for the wife. 16 gb, for t-mo. i checked in w/ a place here in cola, they wanted 450 for a "new" one (when i said, "new new? how can you sell it at that price when apple sells for whatever they charge?" he just stared at me. ebay and CL seem to be more like 300. i'm not averse to ebay, if they have a good rating. and local CL, i've been burned one time and it worked out well one time.

any locals want to sell? 

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hmm. a friend of mine who's forever had a flip phone. I've texted him many times and the texts were green. this am, after probably 2 months I sent him a text (I've not received any from him either), and it was blue.

how did my iPhone know he has a new iPhone?

Post here with any news or information about our neighborhood

anyone seen "anomalisa" yet? it was very weird and very good. a guy at the nick said people walk out regularly on the film. that's good art!
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