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I was getting worried about you.
I was getting worried about you.

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The Via Noir Anomalies have come to an end. Agents, once again you've shown through your passion and commitment to each other what amazing experiences you create on a daily basis.

When you started, few people understood what you were doing. Now four years on, your energy continues to inspire. You blazed a trail for the world. Congratulations on another exceptionally hard-fought and exciting Anomaly series.

This day began with Enlightened wins in Melbourne and Seoul, while the Resistance took Surabaya.

Then, the Anomalies swept across Europe. The Resistance began to push back. They took Rome, but the Enlightened held both Vilnius and Sofia.

When the day began in America, the Series score was 7.5 to 6.5, the Enlightened leading by just one point.

Chicago, with 1711 to 543, was controlled by the Resistance. And Miami, with 716 to 165, belonged to the Enlightened.

That brought the Series to 9 versus 8. Still, just a 1 point difference.

New Orleans carried 2 points overall, and at Measurement 3, with just one hour remaining, the score in New Orleans was practically tied.

The entire Series came down to this one city and this one final hour.

It was a hard fought hour.

With 804 to 779, New Orleans and the Via Noir Anomalies belong to the Enlightened.

See detailed score at



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☠ Yo Ho Me Hearties Yo Ho! ⚓

Embroidered Hoodies, Tee-shirts, Polos, and Aprons!

Monday 19th September be International Talk like a Pirate day, to celebrate we at Cloth Yaaarrrns be giving ye a special gift certificate code worth $5.00 off any item with a ☠ pirate design.

Enter the code “YOHO” On checkout to receive the booty.

Ye can see all the designs in our gallery tagged with the ☠ pirates_nautical ⚓ tag.

Order now, and we will speed them to ye on a raft made of sea turtles!

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Our latest set of designs.
"Colour your own", the tee-shirts your kids can colour in themselves.

These designs come as outlines only, and are intended to be combined with a white garment and washable fabric pens. Allow your kids to express their artistic side and colour their tee shirts. We have a mix of simple bold designs, and more intricate designs as appropriate for the artists ability.

These designs work best on a white garment such as our "ice" kids tee-shirt (from $30) or "bindi" baby tee-shirt (from $25), we can include a set of washable fabric pens as an optional extra ($5).

Alternatively, you can use permanent fabric markers for a lasting reminder of your child's artistic talent, perhaps on an apron as a gift for a grandparent or other family member.

See what happened when our kids and their friends made their own tee shirts on our facebook page.

For a limited time only, save $5 on each item by using the gift certificate code RAINBOW.

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Is it common knowledge you can chain command glyphs?

Complex + more = fast glyph with key request
Complex + less = fast glyph with no key request
Simple + more = slow glyph with key request
Simple + less = slow glyph with no key request

Doesn't seem to happen the other way around.

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Sneak peek... New product line, coming soon (provided my children don't claim them ALL for themselves!)

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The best part about scientists like Professor Brian Cox is that they change their views based on new information.

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