The Ordos Bitcoin mine (20% owned by Bitmain) was visited by journalists:

The mine has 8 buildings and 25000 machines: 7 containing 21000 Bitcoin mining machines, and 1 containing 4000 Litecoin mining machines. IEEE Spectrum journalist Morgen E. Peck says the Bitcoin mining units were Antminer S9 units (each rated between 11 and 14 TH/s, let's say 12.5 TH/s on average). Therefore the mine operates at 21000 × 12.5 = 263 PH/s, which was about 4.4% of the global hashrate of approximately 6000 PH/s when Morgen visited on July 14th ( This percentage is confirmed by the author: "By my own calculations, the hardware on the grounds—some 21,000 computers—accounted for about 4 percent of all the computing power in the Bitcoin network when I visited."

Tech in Asia claims the 8 buildings consume 800 megawatt-hours per day which is 33.3 megawatts (Quartz claims 40 megawatts.) Excluding the Litecoin machines, the Bitcoin machines presumably consume 7/8th of the total: 29.2 (Tech in Asia) or 35 (Quartz) megawatts.

A consumption of 29.2 (Tech in Asia) or 35 (Quartz) megawatts for 263 PH/s implies an efficiency of 0.111 (Tech in Asia) or 0.133 (Quartz) J/GH. For comparison, an S9 is rated 0.1 J/GH. Therefore this would make the aggregate PUE of the 7 Bitcoin mining buildings either good at 1.11 (Tech in Asia) or average at 1.33 (Quartz).
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