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Electron Microscopy Collection
What object do you find the coolest or creepiest under an Electron Microscope?

I find the Maggot to be really strange, but the other stuff is just as interesting. Every time I use salt and pepper from now on, I'll think of that photo.

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Rick B
Those are some awesome pics!
+Johanne Gagnon Definitely! It's cool thinking even how much smaller atoms are... what struck me as a small world was the Pollen. So strange.
Wow! truly mesmerizing! Thanks for sharing!
Tony, thank you (and everyone else) for taking the time to look and respond. :) It's a small glimpse into the beauty and wonder of our universe.
Those are really cool. I thought the snow crystals were pretty amazing.
i thought they where as well they wherew so pretty!!!
How many of these are actually shot with an electron microscope?
I never knew salt kinda looked like marshmallows
Wow the human body is just descusting up close... and so is the maggot
Wow. These are great! Somewhat creepy... but great!
+Marc Belley this is really surreal and fascinating, kinda reminds me of the creatures from deep in the ocean or a caricature sea lion thanks for sharing
ewwww what is all this?!
These are ridiculous to see so close up
Never saw these...
what is this? look like ice cream!
Awesome pictures, idea of shooting this small things under microscope is great.
Cool, but most of them don't need an electronic microscope! 
Holy Shizz.... I am a Keen angler and use these Mega Fugly things on a weekly basis. I never ever seen anything like this. Amazing Pictures Marc. Totally amazing.
Cool. But I'm interested in the way used to take these pictures.
ummm..... it's a maggot
ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's going to eat me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+Rachel Ledeboer Yep.

Actually, that was a very deep comment... because when we decompose, maggots do eat us. OoOoOo
What struck me about the mosquito was it looked like the antennae were erupting through the holes of Cheerios! The velcro was mesmerizing as well. Really cool shots. I had the opportunity to view things through an electron microscope once, but this collection is a great reminder of all the things I forgot to view!!! Thanks, Marc!
Oh, and the nerve endings looked like grass was growing on them! :)
That just blew my mind. The salt pepper looks like the making of smores.
haha lol!! you really captured the the beauty of it!! lol :)
Beautiful. Do you have to put the colors in with dye or Photoshop or are they that brilliant irl? Again, so beautiful.
Oops, going back to read would be good, haha.
Given that electron microscopes output images in black and white due to the wavelength of light (or lack thereof), these are artificially colored...which makes it lose some of its wonder.
dont post this stuff
This is fascinating! Thank you for sharing!
Thank you for sharing this amazing pictures, some are beautiful, some interesting, some are weird and a few look like some things we eat, like chocolate, caramel and some vegetables lol
es sorprendente . komo lo peta joder
Amazing, eye opening pics ! Thank you !
Mike Wu
wow thats sick
Awesome. There are universes within every object. Thank you! Nice nice work. Kudos from Canada.
GROSS!.....honey, some things just don't need to be seen.
Whoa, in your soup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great pics..i just wondered are the bright multi colors added after or is that natural?
Fascinating. Thank you for sharing.
nicki s
looks like a bug-eyed walrus
I took an ant from my backyard and when viewed in the ESEM discovered that it was eating another bug - guess I interrupted his breakfast.

Electron images are black and white, but colors can be applied in meaningful ways, or just artistic. You can have the electronics apply a color to each channel and mix them into one image; for example, the information from one detector appears blue and the info from another appears orange, then you can visually distinguish between signal from topography and signal from average atomic number contrast (compositional variations) presented in a single image. Many SEMs are equipped with EDS and can generate compositional maps showing each element as a different color. Also, EBSD can produce color images where colors represent different crystallographic orientations.

Unfortunately, there isn't much info provided with these images so we are left to guess what the colors mean, if anything. My guess is that most (perhaps all) of these are colored for aesthetics, but there are plenty of examples of SEM images where the colors mean something. Equipment manufacturers' websites have lots of nice images also. I like FEI, which has some examples of signal mixing Check out this critter, looks like sandworm of Dune Oxford Instruments has examples of informational color images produced by EDS and EBSD
+Stacey Lynn I know that colors can be applied to distinguish between different things, but that is much like using fluorescence to distinguish between things that you are interested in, in an optical sample. These images portray a color world of electron microscopy and never specify the artificial colors. That's what is irksome.
Good to know maggots have little nasty things crawling on them too.
hohoho..hoho..hoo.. nice it's like hohohoho...
+Keyan Mobli In addition to not indicating the use of false color, the images don't even include scale bars or magnification. So more like art produced using scientific equipment. But neat enough to get lots of people to take a look and think about our world on a different scale.
Wtf. Wht is tht thng? Its cute though.

I did not think that was even real!
Thts nice. Looks like graffiti in a way 
Pollen looks nice.

what does my garlic granule look like under a microscope..i dread to think...
Corn flakes and sugar.

Wow that's very cool. I think dust and maggot were my favourites. Thanks for sharing.
Thts Dope. Keepin it cool. 
That is very interesting. Ugly but interesting....
o my god thats weird looking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great pics %. E= mc2. ♥√…
All of that was awesome except for the spider... spiders are yucky...
Susan M
my kids were IMPRESSED :)
1. there is no color in electron microscopy
2. as far as I know, everything that's supposed to be visible under an electron microscope must be gold coated
3. there is no snowflake in vacuum
4. there is no bloodvessel still filled with blood cells, that seem to "swim" in open space under an electron microscope, where's the fluid!?
I share this in hopes that you will get your What's HOT wish.
waooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a crazyyyy!!!!!!!!!
The first pic look like a stupid evil chocolate infused croissant
wow are those really it's eyes? O.O buuuuulgeing out lol
Kill It .... Kill It With Fire!
Some of those look like they are computer generated and totally fake. Brilliant. 
These photos are just gorgeous!
wow tusks,pop eyes.......looks like someone i know just cant place it.
+Jörg Reinhardt For the legacy technology of electron imaging under high vacuum the subject must be conductive, so biological specimens would need to be coated in carbon or gold, for example. However, newer SEM technology (variable pressure or environmental) can image live bugs without any conductive coating and even in a humid environment.

I also wondered about the snowflake, but there are cryogenic stages, and maybe that can allow imaging of a frozen snowflake, though sample transport could be an issue so perhaps ice crystals were grown on the stage (or the image isn't what it claims to be).

Most samples are prepared before analyzing or imaging, so perhaps there is some technique by which the blood vessel was cut and stabilized before imaging (maybe the fluid was replaced, just a guess).
I like the Velcro. Such a simple idea with so many uses!
Awesome! Now there's new branch for career, Microscopic Photography! :)
The first looks like its made out of clay. like if u agree
Nav H.
the human tongue is nasty.
I must say +Marc Belley ,this work is one of its kind. Your photographs give great insights to the world within.
That's gross many different bacteria.
that is so epic!!!!! those are so amazing!
It looks a little...well...DERP HUUURR DURRR
Is it SEM ? if yes how specimen were prepared for imaging, just out of curiosity ,..
Why does that look a monster from the old Doctor Who series.
What is amazing, is how many people think this is creepy and ask what is this. And what is really creepy is ignorance.
That was a very interesting collection to view - thanks :)
Wow, almost at a 1,000 1+s

Thank you to everyone who is sharing and +1'ing this. <3 You are awesome people, and it's great that people are enjoying taking a closer look at our universe. :)

It's the little things that matter, right?
Fantastic! Thank you Marc for sharing :)
Small things look much cooler through an electron microscope.
Man, I thought maggots were disgusting WITHOUT magnification. :p
Very cool! How do they take pictures with the electron microscope, I wonder?
While I've got all you here... anyone a good saxophone player and want to help me improve? Doing a Hangout right now, and I'll be practicing some random stuff.
+Stacey Lynn didn't know about that new technic. That explains a lot, but not everything, especially not the colors and the "hovering" blood cell (are there materials transparent to elektrons, but solid, or at least fluid and dense enought to hold the thing up there???)
I really like the pictures because they show a very accurate picture of how things would look like at that scale. Also they are very nice to look at. But why the hell sell them in such a misleading way!?
Hey, while I have a lot of people's attention... I wasn't expecting this, so I quickly edited a version of my buddy's classical music composition on Youtube at Ishtar - Frédéric Chiasson . If you enjoyed seeing these beautiful pictures and they brought something to your day, please take a few minutes to watch this and share it (either on your G+ streams or on Facebook or via Youtube or whatever).

The second half of the song is very, very moving. Imagine it a musical version of the discovery of the universe. Earlier, we went on a journey to the microscopic world. Now let's take a musical journey to space.

Notice his joy for the last few seconds of the video. That's his own musical composition, that he's hearing a whole band play. Joy at seeing a creation come alive.
the AIDS virus under electron looks pretty crazy
really enjoyed looking through these, my favourite is the dust! thanks a lot for sharing!
The world is upside down once you look at the electrons!!
Indeed, it was. But he couldn't have been the only one? OoOoO
thats actually pretty amazing. The steel looks so similar to a canyon, even the colors of the layers are similar.
How much and where do you buy a electron microscope??
+Warren Henderson I figure +Solve for X might be a good place to start improving the sake of electron microscopy imaging. It seems like +Google could reap the benefits of getting deep down to the nitty gritty of everything.
Google's X Lab is the search giant's top-secret facility even its own employees didn't know about. It's believed to be working on driverless cars, internet connected appliances and Majel: a Star Trek-inspired rebuttal to Siri. It's also apparently behind the Solve for X website, which hints at a TED-style public-presentation site featuring the great and the good talking about "redefining problems into challenges." The video (embedded below) and the site's background seem to agree, given one of the big box-outs reads "What is a Solve for X talk." Richard DeVaul (a member of the "[X] Rapid Evaluation team") mentioned on his Google+ page that the videos would be launching at some point today. Presumably we can expect to see innovative new solutions on dealing with Climate Change, new Cancer Treatments and awkward silence if anyone mentions a Canadian super-soldier program.

Beautfull eyes of this creature
That looks so scary what is that?
Guys u should look at what I posted It is waaaaaay better then this creepy looking thing.
something interesting is there is spier legs in all chocolate if u dont believe me LOOK IT UP!
blowing that up would look cool,among all other stuffs.
disturbing...but y cat i stop looking at it?!
UGLYNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it burns my eyes! -
Mykl Em
Amazing pics! awesome!
i found the life savers pic (14) a liitle strange, but the most coolest ones were of arteries, nerve endings, ice crystals (most accurate), walnut leaf to be the coolest
2 more shares to get to 1,000! <3 Almost there! Thank you everyone for being awesome.
I'd love to see high res wallpapers of these. Especially the steel one. It's great.
I wonder how many people from April are still actively looking at their G+ notifications?
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