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Imagine having your body found 500 years from today
This girl was a sacrifice, over 500 years ago, in the Inca Empire. These are the photos from the expedition that found her. Courtesy of National Geographic.

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G'morning Shinae. Indeed, it is very sad. :(
Although... although... it is a beautiful story, being re-discovered 500 years in the future. She may not be conscious of it, but she is telling us her story and sharing it with the world. Her story can now be shared with billions of people.
Its gives a little more insight into the ancient culture of the Incas. I'm astounded on how well preserved the body is.
The body & hair look like she died year ago, incas got some good technics to preserve body.
"The girl and two other children were left on a mountaintop to succumb to the cold as offerings to the gods, according to the archaeologists who found the mummified remains in Argentina in 1999." - that means for 500 years NOTHING was up that high. no animals, nothing.
+cecilia FXX Yep, it's pretty crazy.

+Jonny Armitage Science is a beautiful, beautiful thing. What I find really amazing is the Chinese Emperor's ruins that were discovered around a hill a few decades ago. The guy united China, but humanity just found his entire world. Like, how cool is that?
I've never seen a mummy so well preserved, I almost called shenanigans. That is fantastic.
Since its national geographic i'm just suprised they didn't claim it was millions and millions of years old....
She is very sad looking but truely amazing to be preserved as she has.Hope there is much to be learnt from her discovery.RIP lovely one.
+Leanne Brannigan Indeed, it seems like her sacrifice wasn't in vain. Although we can assume she probably didn't consent to it, at least she is making humanity a better place, years later.
She looks Native Indian/inuit/Asian. Apparently wherever the first set of humans existed on some land, they all look like these people. So where did the other races come from?
It is amazing!!!! I really am amazed by the quality of the clothing, shoes and grooming of her hair. You can tell she was a beautiful woman.
+Aai Marsh That's one thing I wondered at first. The concept of "consent"... did it exist back then? Did she have to be dragged by the ankles like a slave, or was she proud of serving her people?

Great question, and I'd love to hear an answer from an anthropologist.
Is this real?????????????????????????
She and other two kids were discovered 13 years ago. I remember how it shocked the world. They where in TV, radio, newspapers, everywhere. Some theories relate that the three kids were left to die as a gift to the gods, and by the postures and facial expresions, either they knew their destiny and accept it or they where slept with some drug. The ice did the rest. But then and now i question the same thing: Why are they disturbing the rest of dead people? What kind of 'morbo' feeling put this poor kids on the spot again? Let them rest, and don't touch what was meant for the gods.
damn shes hot well... cold i mean yeah u knw what i mean damn incan's had hot chicks... sucks she was sacrificed. what bastards
It's frequently difficult (this far away in time) to know what people thought of the events, particularly when the thoughts of those persons - the parents and children - were not recorded.

It's highly unlikely that the parents or child were sanguine about the matter and it may well be that people were highly distressed by what was going to happen but had no option to refuse - who would refuse when those with authority were warning that YOU could be the cause of some nasty event happening to everyone.

Most information about ritual sacrifice by the Aztecs for instance was that those killed where peoples from subjugated nations and communities. It was not likely that the king or queen's children would be sacrificed. Strange that.

This was a contributing factor to the fall of the Aztec empire. The Spanish arrived, showed the less powerful communities that the Aztecs could be defeated and were able to enlist their help to get rid of the homicidal and despotic Aztecs.
wat happened????????????????
uhm, the gods? do you believe in them, do you even know their religous beliefs?
+skyler dockery , I don't know their gods, but like your god (or whatever be your religious belief), they deserve respect. Because you believe in your beliefs, and that's ruling your moral and spiritual life.
Omg That would be soo cool.. But again FREAKY!! ;O
How sad to have a god who requires your sacrifice, rather than a Saviour who provides Himself as the Sacrifice!
Yeaah I Agree... VERY sad :L ..

R.I.P Frozen Girl <-- WHo had soo much Life ahead of her :( .. x
looks like shes still alive n sleeping...
Those people might have changed over these years. But have we?
Wow, this is cool. I'd love to go see this in an exhibition & learn more about this ancient culture.
Just gotta say she looks great for her age ;)
Sadia, she only had about 15 more years of life ahead of her, maybe. They didn't live very long back then. 
If you read the whole story, "[They] weren't being sacrificed to feed the gods," Reinhard told National Geographic News in 2005. "They were being sacrificed to enter into the realm of the gods. It was considered a great honor.

"These children didn't die in the sense that we think: They went to live in a paradise with the gods. … It was a transition into a better life, one that these children were greatly honored [to have]."

So it may sound sad to us that children died so young, but maybe it was their way of life and what they wanted to do.
one little question how did she become frozen
it is sad though that they believed in all those false "gods" instead of the one true God.
thats not true marc baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOW, that's amazing. A truly incredible find....
+Joe Well LOL Of course there's only one. Weirdly, it happens to be yours. I mean, "What a coincidence?" who'd a'thunk it?
Of the trinity they removed from the mountain, the youngest is 6. I'm fairly sure at 6 he didn't choose death. It was chosen for him.
+Aisha Bradford The great problem with your thesis is that they weren't give an option.

Given they have no option but to consent, then there is no consent. Regardless of how it's conveyed, children currently and historically have few rights (less so in the past and in many countries today than OECD members). They also have a poorer ability to grasp consequences and options, relative to adults.

When you consider that there was no ability to consent, it definitely becomes a matter of 'poor child' and abuse of their life options by adults who are NOT dying or being sacrificed.

I recall there being little in the way of evidence that families and children especially were happy with the options provided. Given they were frequently drugged to ensure compliance this brings a lot of the behaviour towards them into sharp focus.

I haven't read Johan Reinhard books/research but I've read enough material on the subject of children's status historically and contemporarily and adults treatment of them (post grad research).

Most, if not all, of what is written is from an adults perspective. Historical records detail what adults think and what they believe (if they care at all) about what children think, but rarely are children's views written down.

More so, even when they do write about children and what their views are, we know from contemporary work in psychology that they misrepresent children as having adult-like comprehension and understandings.

Given our awareness of human development and evolutionary change, we can be pretty confident about the capacity for thought and comprehension of children of the time. Which brings me back to the issue of consent and capacity to understand.
great share thank you for sharing hugs
Guess some one told her to wait for them on the mounting top but never showed up....
That's what i would expect in national geographic
+James Didzun Exactly. When I visited Machu Picchu, it was one of the most beautiful sights imaginable.
According to the story, there are traces of coca leaves around the child's mouth.
imagine how we would today treat parents that intentionally left their children to die on a cold mountaintop.
yin san
where is this?
whats the climate like in Peru?or the tempeature..regarding this mummies?..its new to me..especially in these native tribe.
I think it is so cool that her body was found after being a sacrifice over 500 years ago. Why would they do that?
i understand if she did a crime but if she did not then it does not make any sence.
Hope she wasn't sacrificed to mother earth...cause obviously that never happened.
500 years! why won't meat keep in my freezer for six months?
Isn't she wearing loose clothes for someone who lives in such a freezing area?
aai marsh your comment bout the girl being sacrifice because she is beautiful is most absurd.please show some love and respect to the female folks.are you now saying if such absurd acts should repeat itself today you will concent to it?then you are saying in essence that sucide bombings is ok as far as the domies do it for religious reasons. 
John you can't apply today's morals to 5 centuries ago...
David O
can the scientist revive her? I thought humans don't die when they are frozen...:/
its impossible, and if real, quite an awakening to the medical and scientific wourld including religions and ramifications that follow?
on youtube it says she was drugged into sleep.... that she was feed veggies and potatoes but up until before her death her hair shows that her diet was altered to meat and other foods considered to be foods of the gods.... they found lots of cocoa in her at the time of her death an insanely large amount. They drugged her and left her to die then killed the kid forcing him to die.
the kid they killed was prolly hr bro she did die drugged with out violent force tho...just so drugged that she could move.
Its remarkable to be able to see this , the condition her body was preserved in, 500 years later. Wow.
that is so verry kool
i think these ppl are fakes its all just a hoakes
Being left to freeze to death would explain the crouched position she is in - Tucking into herself as much as possible to get some warmth...

I suppose that is more merciful compared to some other forms of ritualistic sacrifices.

Was she at peace when death arrived? Will she ever be now that she has become a museum exhibit?
she's fine! (cut her up show us how little you respect the Dead) geo bastads
dont be silly those things r not true u watch too many films HONEST TO GOD!!!!!!!!
Omg do not bielve this sheet ther was no cloths in 500 years ago 
tht scared the shit off me
Lmao @ some of the comments in clothes 500 years ago hahaha.
she is so young and innocent. she should not have died like that
woah yes but that was the cultrue its sad but thats what happened
Wow, muy lamentable, lo importante para nosotros no es sólo conocer ritos, mitos o expresiones de religiosidad, culturales, lo importante de todo esto es entender la psique social completa de un pueblo que era capaz de hacer algo que para nosotros ahora es atroz
imagine how it was like 500 years ago. "coooooooooooooooool!"
+bobby pelletier Before saying "I don't believe she was drugged" it's probably best to read the research on the practice.

Additionally, as you keep saying "They" made the decision. The greater likelihood (given historical practices and human behaviour) is that she had no choice and no option. Given it had no direct benefit to her (unlike drugging a child to have an operation) this alone makes it a highly unpleasant experience (and I would argue abusive because of it) for the person.

Also, prettying up someone or something does not make it better. It's merely another part of the practice.
Chun Li
And on display too. /shudder
It is very well kept and exposed in the Museo Arqueológico de Alta Montaña, in Salta, Argentina, with an explanation of the rituals that led to her death and that of the other two children found with her. There is very low andean music and a demonstration of how dentists and pediatricians determined their ages and perfect health. A very interesting experience, if you ever visit my country.
Es una hermosa chica, pienso mas en su razon de vivir mas de lo que fue el hacer el sacrificio puesto que su amor por la vida la mantubo asi, la magia de nuestro origen nos hace inmortales aun en lo fisico
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