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+Gary McAvoy I wasn't sure what I should post for EarthDay... but figured this should be it. What do you think? :D
If a day isn't fantastic... something is not working. Even when stuff goes wrong or things aren't going well... we're alive and that's all the reason I need to celebrate.

Consciousness is really underrated.
First thing I saw on waking, +Marc Belley. Outstanding tribute to Earth Day, thanks for bringing Carl back! So humbling. 
Glad you enjoyed, +Gary McAvoy.

The world needs more people like Carl to bring the beauty of our universe to the forefront of the collective consciousness. If only large companies understood the importance of that... although with Google/Cameron's Planetary Resources project, I guess they are at least on the right track.
I take it upon myself to watch these at least once a month.
Nice. Yeah, these never get old... and they serve as a great reminder of how pointless war and fighting is.

We have one life. It should be cherished as much as possible.
Are you saying Carl Sagan wasn't real? Then who is this Space Priest, who filled so many heads with knowledge?!?!
TL;DL? (too long, didn't latin)
Welp, that's about all the internet I need for the day.
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