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Rigatoni in tomato & sausage sauce with a side of cucumber in yogurt

Recipes were pretty simple. Rigatoni are a fun casserole dish. We made 12 portions in about 1.5 hours of work, enough to have dinner and lunches at work all week.

Pasta sauce was the most work. Browned onions, sausage with all the extras in a pan. Added a few peppers, garlic and lots of fresh basil. Let it simmer while boiling lots of big, fat noodles..

Cucumbers' water was removed with a salting earlier. Then dipped in yoghurt.
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hi,how are you?
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Marc Belley

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Supernovas In Space

There's not much to say about it. Space is everything. It is us. It is existence, matter. Consciousness and the ability to think through neurons.

It has led to the evolution of the Internet, a global online platform. It is a light speed force to convery information about itself.

The Internet is Science Incarnate. Utilizing the movement of photons to think. The Universe's brain.

When we die, ultimately, we go back to the entity that has led to its own existence. Death, is ultimately, a lonely and sad place. One day, maybe soon, Death will not have to exist.

Life is possible.

The Big Bang was something. It was an idea, about existence. Why the atoms that make us are what they are.

But you think. You exist. 

The power of thousands of years of chemicals creating love between people to allow for more things to be created. The gift of life is wonderful. No sane person who has experienced consciousness or freedom of thought denies that life is beautiful.

The power of words, images and videos that make memories from stories. The beginnings of humanity, when the thought process allowed us to take over an entire planet.
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Is existence a fix point or variables of uncertain movements! I believe it is all energy in different states given and returned to the universe! The ( 'men in black' movie 1) gives an example of part what i am saying. What we think is big is not big and may in fact be the smallest! It is indefinite. Some say that the big bang is from something (may be god), others say it happened out of nothingness! What is nothingness? I believe its like mirrors reflecting energy indefinitely. Actually it is in expansion but for how long until the big crunch starts and it goes and come! Eventually all of this is explained scientifically by S.Hawkins.
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needs more #hashtag  but cool gif
For #caturday  . . . Dragons. Just because they are better. 

#gameofthrones  +Game of Thrones  #dragons  
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There's a couple of good reasons for that.

You should watch it ;) 
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Marc Belley

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Conditions for Life on Mars: Rover Fist Bump
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its ok
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Marc Belley

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Hey There .... Wloooopppp
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He just came out from a Hutong Toilet
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Marc Belley

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Is it morally wrong for a corporation to use human biology in the quest for profit?

via +Ivan Makarov 
C'mon consume!
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Corporations HAVE to have morals after the "citizens united" decision. They are people after all. With rights come responsibilities.
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Puffy Star Wars Cats

Will they make it to Episode 10?!
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Marc Belley

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You have a wave, and you have a wave... everybody have a wave!
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Sorry, I really don't like this.
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Marc Belley

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Find Out Where Any Image is From
It's true, Chrome is a great browser... apparently it now has integrated reverse image search. Upload image... find internet tree.
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c'est important l'anglais tu devrais l'appendre... sinon ya l'internet
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Marc Belley

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Kitty Exemplifying Good Form
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That is excellent balance by Kitty! :)
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