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"I think that it was a real mistake that the U.S. chose to fire missiles into the Middle East I think that was a huge mistake and I think that it is very important that the United States start to look toward non-violent means of resolving conflicts.
     ...those bombings were thought of as retaliation by the terrorists and if we thought of what we did as retaliation, certainly we're gonna find more retaliation from people in the middle east...from terrorists specifically I should say because most Middle Eastern people are not terrorists and that's another thing that America has to start thinking about is our racism. Racism that comes from the United States toward Muslim people and towards Arabic people and that's something that has to stop and the United Sates has to start respecting people from the middle east in order to find a solution to the problem that's been building up over many years."


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on my birthday washing down oysters with Lagunitas IPA
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If a racist commandeers an entire town and names it after you... That could mean that people perceive you as "one of them" thereby branding YOU as a racist. 
In North Dakota, a white supremacist looking for a town he can take over and turn into his dreamed-of white supremaci...
+Darryl Mouzone I feel I could start a flame war here, but for the sake of being semi-scientific and maybe help +Ben Zaitz ​make better sense of the poll results (not claiming it, only suggesting it, okay?), I'll just point out that I see three groups of men in this thread:

(1) Men who never actually experienced joy and happiness in the presence of a true lady - a stylish, sexy, intelligent and stunning to look at woman - and actually attract her and be with her. That's why they lean to the more cynical point of view. I honestly pity them and wish them good luck because quite frankly, with that attitude of theirs, they'll need it. These guys make most of the "with makeup" choices, IMO.

(2) Men who met their perfect match and over time they realized how wrong they were about so many things, including gender biases, and actually about the whole life in general. I'm in that group. I've always have had an open mind and was rarely judging people all my life, but after I met her I finally understood how much more can I still learn. I think this group dominates the no makeup choice and is part of the minimal makeup results.

(3) Single or taken-but-not-extremely-happy men who are at least with an open mind, are natural and are expecting the same in return. These guys IMO will inevitably join group #2 and probably voted the rest of the minimal makeup results.

But hey, just my theory, pretty damn simplified too (already wrote a book, let's skip the sequel, lol). Not claiming I've deciphered it all. =)
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we all love SouthPark
Missed it by thaaaaat much. 
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Haha wtf
when you get hooked on being fit and living a "fitness lifestyle" you feel great, see differences in the way you look and you want the same for those you love and care about the most so much so it becomes a little hard to not be critical of their bad habits etc. etc. you realize that not everybody is into the fitness thing but you wish they could be.

personal example: I am basically in love with a girl who is quite a bit taller and therefore heavier than I am. she has called herself 'fat' more than a few times. I wish I could talk to her about the way she is treating her body. people are fat only because they choose to be because of either lack of exercise or poor eating habits. usually a combination of both.

her aside. I recently lost a family member because he had a massive stroke in his sleep. the stroke, we are all fairly certain, was due to him being extremely overweight. Last time I saw him he was well over 300 pounds and he wasn't quite 6' tall. now that I have 1 less cousin I won't feel like a jerk if I "preach" the fitness lifestyle.

what's more is I am 35 years old with a disability and I still exercise and stay fit. so all I have to say in conclusion is that THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!
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+Marc-Antonivs Gvzman there are many different styles of fitness & exercise, your girl just hasn't found one she likes yet. 
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I survived a fuckin' stroke dude!!! A FUCKING STROKE!!!
I survived a fuckin' stroke dude!
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