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"I think that it was a real mistake that the U.S. chose to fire missiles into the Middle East I think that was a huge mistake and I think that it is very important that the United States start to look toward non-violent means of resolve conflicts.
     ...those bombings were thought of as retaliation by the terrorists and if we thought of what we did as retaliation, certainly we're gonna find more retaliation from people in the middle east...from terrorists specifically I should say because most Middle Eastern people are not terrorists and that's another thing that America has to start thinking about is our racism. Racism that comes from the United States toward Muslim people and towards Arabic people and that's something that has to stop and the United Sates has to start respecting people from the middle east in order to find a solution to the problem that's been building up over many years."


how easy it is to crush the weak in this world
ماأسهل سحق الضعفاء في هذا العالم 
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OK so it's been 2,550 days since I was admitted to the hospital because I didn't know I was having/had had a stroke. I am turning 35 in 17 days and I have not worked since a week before I was admitted to the hospital for said stroke.

Since it has been so long that I have been employed I am approaching getting a job as if I am starting all over at 17 when I got my first "on the books" job at a fast food joint here in California (Carl's Jr.) 

at any rate I managed to get an interview at a semi-popular fast food joint called Del Taco so today I may or may not be starting all over again from where I did when I was 17 

sure it's a shitty fast food job but it's a job AND if I earn less that $1,000/month I can still get free money from our awesome government but no more food stamps :/ aw well, that's cool I cant buy beer or toilet paper or toothpaste or shampoo or grooming supplies with those things anyway. well, here goes nothing.

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1/2lb Bean & Cheese Burrito, Green Sauce, Make Bold, Add Onions.
I'm not as into movies as some people but there are definitely some classics I'd like to see updated and some characters resurrected and I think this is a winner and falls into those categories for me damn this looks like it's gonna be good.
Too short helping a member of the NORML chapter I am associated with... What a great thing for an awesome person... BTW she makes great cookies (customized dosage [low, med, high]) I recommend her oatmeal w/fudge chunks with Indica with a medium dosage 

Marc-Antonivs “vinyl snob” Gvzman

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Don't discount this as throw way news. This is huge for Bernie.
The outspoken and critically-acclaimed rap artist's support is a good sign for Sanders's presidential campaign.
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Reason #433 not to watch mainstream media.
Things people should do more of: exercise, compliment others, spend time with family, eat more fruits/vegetables, read BOOKS NOT MAGAZINES...
this is why finances should be separate you have your money, I have mine...
But Hunny i need those £600 👠👠👠👠😆
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Oldish news but still worth sharing... 
The bill would eliminate the $70 billion dollar tuition costs at all 4-year public colleges and universities.
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I survived a fuckin' stroke dude!
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I survived a fuckin' stroke dude!!!
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