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A new background (partial due to a busy month) for the Koryo region. I look forward comments since I'm slowly building the foundation for that untap region.

Hope you will like it!
Background: Kisaeng (기생) or lady entertainers Disclaimer: I have not research on the real historical background. This is meant to be to an inspiration for a game where people want to have fun. You may have been taken from th...
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In search of inspiration for tables to be used with a background I'm working on for the Kara-Tur realm; Butcher. The tables are the only missing piece before I publish the first draft for play test.

Any hint on how to produce interesting yet useful tables to assist player building their initial story line are more than welcome.

Follow the link if you're curious about the next background I will be working on: Note some may be strikeout as they may be classes in the end... still pondering on few entries I listed there.
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After speaking with a friend I have to revisit the feature section since I apparently went outside the permitted frame of the background limit. Guess I missed read the customization section. As soon as I fixed the issue it will get publish without tables... Maybe players will provide good idea to input in those inspiration tools.
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Need tips on how I may proceed to repair my clumsiness. I managed to cut of both thumbs. I tried to sculpted something out of the leftover of the sprue but the results weren't good.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this small challenge of mine. 
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The thumb was about 1.5mm by 2 mm.... guess I will have to become creative to fix that one.
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Marc-André Landry

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It has been a while since I was able to get progress on thid model. Still have issues with the skin tone of her face. But I think I made a progress for the cherubims flesh tone.

Small details to finish and touch up. The arms and the shroud keep falling. This is clearly not a model I will play with until I figure out a way to secure them.

Can't wait to get it done. Next setup a DIY photo booth to get her in all her glory.

Any tips on doing clear scribble for the seals and parchment at her feet?

Sorry for the low quality pictures. Too lazy to get the real camera out.

Seeing all your great work has been inspiration to do better and better. Thanks all. #WIP 
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I was pondering the idea actually. Any brand working better than others?
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#Question A friend let me try his airbrush. Now here is my issue, using the paint I have, i.e. Citadel paint, I face an issue I have yet found a solution. The paint seems to be drying before getting out of the tip. What should I try to fix this? I use tap water to dilute my paint, even tried a clear windows cleaner...
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If you're using a .21 nozzle, you'll need to thin a lot. But I maintain that it's about the size of the pigments. Base paints have huge pigments, while airbrush paints are very fine and meant to be squirted through a little tube.
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How may I fix the appearance of the face? I find it unrealistic, missing shades and grainy.

Thanks for sharing tips #WIP #Discussion #Painting
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I guess I will learn how to achieve this without applying the same layer all over the place...

Thanks all for the tips!!!
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Here is my first custom background... I might have gone too far. It is up to you players and GM to let me know what you are thinking. This is a draft (pencil and paper) version of the background and I'm looking forward comments.

This background is not tied to a specific region per say but design to be used in world were killing unless there is no other option is dishonorable.

So let the comments flow.... and let the play test brings some colorful games.
Following the last post were I shared ideas of possible backgrounds for player to use for their character, I have been tinkering on each of them end how they would lay down. The biggest struggle I have is with the honor conce...
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Marc-André Landry

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I'm jumping in a personal project - trying to bring some love to Kara-Tur regions within the 5th edition. I'm planning to build upon the forgotten region of Koryo.

I welcome comments, ideas and links to other fellow content creators working on the Oriental realms.

May the honor follow you to the table in a role play near you.
I recently began to work on an adventure. I was at first looking to build my whole world, then despair took root. From tiny seeds of incertitude, will I have the energy, the time, the insight and the wisdom of pulling it thro...
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Marc-André Landry

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A work in progress along my battle ready army of Dark Angels.
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Dat Chu
Coming along great Marc :).
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#QuestionI  I recently tried to work with Greenstuff. The mixed product felt really hard with no elasticity. Any advice on what I might have done wrong? Used the GW Greenstuff that I had purchase about 6 months ago.
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Try Aves Apoxie Sculpt instead of G.W's Green Stuff... For way too many reasons.
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Not a hobby desk but a real mess with my two table used for assembly (the coffee one) and my round table for paint station. Hidden is my box for airbrush/aerosol painting that I install on the coffee table and manage to get the clipping light the models I intend on painting.

Guess it might explain why I haven't paint in a while; already missing it... I will have to make time for it I guess!!!

+Peter Lyberth #dare
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Loads of creative production can be had in that window area dude! Looks good - cc
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#Question  Just  step out of my first game to the local club. Looking to add a devastator squad to my listing for the next event.  I wonder if I give 2 Plasma pistol to the sergeant if the Pistolero rule apply? And what is the best between 2 Multi-Melta and 2 Heavy Bolters?

I was thinking it should but while testing this in my BattleScribe listing the rule didn't got shown. 
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Ahah lucky me. I will try to get it to work. Any how, I mainly want to have fun but I also want to give a little challenge. 
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Une agréable découverte pour un arrêt improvisé. Des plats avec une inspiration des plus surprenantes. Des classiques merveilleusement revisités. Note sur l'espresso, se n'est pas leur spécialité. Un apportez votre vin parfait pour un tête à tête ou un festin entre amis.
Food: Very GoodDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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Sincèrement un petit resto que j'apprécie beaucoup. Les plats sont toujours bien présentés ainsi que préparés avec soin. Les plats du jour sont d'agréable découverte. Pour un apportez votre vin, c'est un incontournables.
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