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Marc-André Beauchamp

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Be a Local Guides

This is so simple.
Get started by opening +Google Maps on your mobile device or desktop. Tap the side menu then Your contributions to view all of the places you’ve visited. From there, you can leave reviews, view your past reviews and upload photos. Don’t forget you can tap your profile avatar to learn more about your current level and the points you’ve earned.

Once you’ve got the hang of writing reviews, find out how you can earn more points and level up by visiting our help center : .

Don't be shy to join our community by cliking on this link :
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Marc-André Beauchamp

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Who are the Product Experts?

They are users who help their fellow users get the most out of +Google products. On both product forums and Help on Social program, they have helped an untold number of people by answering their questions.

For my part, I have been helping users of +Google products since 2013 on the help forums and I do not get tired of it. As soon as I have free time, I jump into action and try to answer questions.

Here's some testimonials of other experts...
I love being a product expert because i get to share magical experiences with everyone. - +Ian Tang
It's just the satisfaction of helping somebody. - +Russ Buchmann

Learn more about the +Google Top Contributor Program :
Join our amazing list of help forum to find an answer:!home
Find also an answer on our help center:
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Marc-André Beauchamp

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GBoard for +Android​ is now out

Sending gif, maps information & search directly from your keyboard, this is no more a dream.

Learn more:
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Marc-André Beauchamp

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You're a traveler and, sometimes, you want to know or say something, but you don't know how to say it?

Install right now the Google Translate application to speak with everyone, without barrier! Because, you know what?
#WeSpeakTranslate 😄

On Android:
On iOS:
Marc-André Beauchamp shared a video
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Marc-André Beauchamp

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Scan your old photos

The +Google Photos​​ team just developed a standalone app to allow you to save all your memories, including the one you've take 20, 30 or even 40 years ago. Welcome to PhotoScan, the new Google Photos's brother, that lets you scan and save your favorite printed photos using your phone’s camera.

What's in:
--> Glare-free scans with an easy step-by-step capture flow.
--> Automatic cropping based on edge detection.
--> Straight, rectangular scans with perspective correction.
--> Smart rotation, so your photos stay right-side-up no matter which way you scan them

Download it on the Google Play Store:
Download it from the App Store:

Learn more:
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Marc-André Beauchamp

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Merry November

+John Lewis's long-awaited holiday advertisement is now online. Are you happy, me, a lot!
The mixture of different magical items that makes this very magical advertising can make you shed a tear. :-)

This year, #BusterTheBoxer is our friend.
#ThatsAPlus <3
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Marc-André Beauchamp

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How to be +CaseyNeistat?

Here's how.
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Marc-André Beauchamp

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My year of 2016 on +Google+

With more than 40 000 000 views on my profile since 2011, The fact that I joined the Google+ Create program, my educational and informal publications about Google products and their new things... 2016 was a strong year in interaction and publications.

Thanks again to my friends +Denis Labelle​​ & +Peggy K​​ for the inspiration, +Sophie Bonnet​ ​& her colleagues for the opportunity of the G+ create program and all of you for the time you're taking to read me every week. 😉

Have a nice 2017 year with a lot of health, pleasure and success.

(Thanks to my friend at +CircleCount​​ for this stats)
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Bonne année, +Marc-André Beauchamp! The Google+ Create team wishes you all the best for this new year!
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Marc-André Beauchamp

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I'm really mad and sad

It's been a year since I've been fighting with Google's customer service for a device exchange. Indeed, my Nexus 5X is defective since the purchase. That's not normal...

Unfortunately, for personal reasons, it is impossible for me to go through Google's own method that consists to obtain a refund by credit. I had to carry out the same procedure twice this year with two companies of the same level, LG and Nikon. In neither case I needed a credit card for the exchange ... Indeed, the two purchases were made via the web!

We are in 2016, Google, you should improve your service. My right as customer is to have a clean device without problems, which, you would exchange it to me if this is not the case. Should I go to the competitor to have a good service +Nexus​​?

It's not my type of public complaint, but in this situation, I think it's necessary.
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Customer service not good, took my galaxy tab 2 to Samsung here in Hou, Tx for new battery. They told me they would have to reinstall is also. Cost me 50.00+ to get back a barely working tablet. Samsung told me, they don't refund or give credits. I'll think twice and more before I buy another Samsung product. I've been a fan since the more.
They are glad to get consumer $$$ but resolution/customer service STINKS!!!!!!!
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Marc-André Beauchamp

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Here is the YouTube rewind
Try to spot your favorite YouTubers 😁
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Marc-André Beauchamp

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40 000 000 thanks

40 million is an important milestones and it must be celebrated with pride. You are since 2011, more than 40 million heads to have read to me and I thank you for this.

Thanks :-)
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Congrats, you deserved!
I'm so happy to have also more 43 000 000 views ... Cheers :-)))
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Marc-André Beauchamp

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Make your car more smart with #AndroidAuto!

From now, Android Auto is now available in every car by simply using your smartphone.

There are now over 200 new car models supporting Android Auto offered from more than 50 brands, and many more launching every day. But the team decide that enough is enough and give you the opportunity to use AA on your old 2003 Chevrolet or your 2005 Sentra.

You simply need an Android phone (running 5.0 or later) to use a driver friendly interface to access the key stuff you need on the road ― directions, music, communications ― without the distraction of things that aren't essential while driving.

Read more on the blog article below

Android Auto is comingis now available on your phone screen
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Typo error, sorry. (Being French isn't a reason) 😉
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