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Marc Alexander Holtz
We Look For Ourselves In Everyone
We Look For Ourselves In Everyone

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Wenn das Pro­dukt nichts taugt, kann auch die Kom­mu­nika­tion das nicht auf­fan­gen.


#digitalisierung #produkt #marketing #publicrelations

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Reputations-Management: Warum wir als Kommunikationsdienstleister Startups kostenlos in strategischer Kommunikation coachen, uns als Sparring-Partner anbieten und was wir dabei lernen ...

#startups #newsaktuell #publicrelations #coaching #innovate

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I have to tell you, the world is watching.

(...) when America lets its own leader get away with lying, hiding information and smearing the press or a political opponent, it is taken as a license by all Middle Eastern leaders, or the leaders of Turkey or Russia, to do the exact same thing and say: “See, the American president does it, why shouldn’t we?”

#trump #leadership

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Information collection, categorization, and retention does not equate to intelligence.


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Death is an agent of refocusing.


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You, Mr. President, have a red button, but we have the red light district. #donaldtrump #hamburg

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Our darkest days have always—always—been followed by our finest hours.


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The company’s top executives long believed that building the best teams meant combining the best people. 

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If you’re a small club and you’re not blessed with an oil sheik sugar daddy, your only option is to invest in training and nurturing your own youth teams into the stars of tomorrow.

#growth #management #leadership
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