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Much has been written about 'mean girls', female relational aggression, bullying.... I've been thinking about it lately--how we as women support, or fail to support, each other--and the perennial issue of gossip. Last Summer, I wrote a piece for my much ignored blog on gossip, which I am re-posting, as I revisit my thoughts on gossip this weekend.

I also found a short post about female bullying last night, that has a link to a list of questions. You can take a quick test to see where you fit in on the spectrum. Because, if we are honest, none of us is perfect in this regard--we can all do more to cultivate the high road.

'"Bullying isn’t uniquely female,” says Irene Levine, author of Best Friends Forever: Surviving A Breakup With Your Best Friend and professor of psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine. “But there are always women who need to build themselves up by knocking others down. They may exclude, gossip, or do other things to demean one individual—particularly someone who seems vulnerable. Making someone feel alone, rejected and treating her as an outcast can be as vicious as a physical assault.'

Here's the link:
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I didn't know you had a blog :)

This is a huge one to unpack. I've worked in a few all female office environments where this has been a big problem.

You make an excellent point about "false intimacy". Gossip/bullying creates intimacy by making it's targets the other. I guess the way forward there, as you've said is to work on building intimacy in a positive way.

I also think internalised misogyny is a factor. We're taught to see other women as competition and relationships with other women as less important.
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