The presentation of an open-source WMTS server for maps rendered into tiles - now you can load tilesets generated with MapTiler ( into ArcGIS Desktop, QGIS as well as traditional web and mobile libraries ( #GoogleMaps , #Leaflet , #OpenLayers , #MapKit   #RouteMe   #OSMDroid , ...).

Both tiles in a folder as well as the MBTiles are supported.

Presented on the 26th International Cartographic Conference - From Pole to Pole, August 25 - 30 ,2013 in Dresden Germany.

TileServer PHP:

Slides for presentation:

#ICC2013  #ICCDD2013 #WMTS   #QGIS , #ArcGIS   #arcgis10   #ESRI #OGC  
Fast maps via free WMTS TileServer-PHP. Presentation from #ICC2013   #iicDD2013 conference in Dresden.

Do you want to host your maps online? This step-by-step guide shows how to convert GeoTIFF or other raster geodata files into an standardised online resource.
Any ordinary webserver is supported  - no need to install additional server software - so the publishing process is very easy.

You can even open the maps in ArcGIS for Desktop from ESRI, in QGIS and other desktop GIS clients and systems. 

The maps are of course usable with:
- web mapping via Google Maps API,  Leaflet, OpenLayers
- iOS mobile devices (iPhone/iPad) via MapKit or RouteMe
- Android tablets and mobile phones via OSMDroid and Google Maps Android API

Check the presentation and download the open-source TileServer-PHP project from

To convert your geodata into tiles you can use
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