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Holiday Movie Map

Check it out at

'Tis the season to reminisce and find your favorite holiday movie. To help celebrate this most wonderful time of the year, we’ve launched an interactive #map highlighting some of the most beloved real-life locations of America’s favorite #holiday   #films .

The Holiday Movie Map is the newest addition to our #CultureHook portfolio (, designed to help people discover more about the area around them.

Our new merry map displays dynamic pins (“hooks”) showing locations made famous in contemporary classics such as “A Christmas Story” and the loveable “Elf,” as well as time-honored holiday masterpieces including, “A Wonderful Life” and “Miracle on 34th Street.”

The hooks contain curated content such as trivia and pictures about the movies and the locations where they were filmed. Use it to check out these holiday film spots and festive tidbits:
• Ralphie’s family house in Cleveland, OH from “A Christmas Story” (there’s a rumor that from the right angle, you can even see the famous, scantily clad Leg Lamp in the windowsill)
• The NYC building where Buddy the Elf spins and spins in the revolving doors in his excitement in the modern classic “Elf” (just don’t tell the doorman MapHook sent you when recreating the famous scene)
• The Boat House where Sam and Jonah settle down after departing from Chicago in “Sleepless in Seattle”
• The McCallister family home in Winnetka, IL (if you’re looking for Kevin – he might be asleep in the attic)

Whether you're traveling or staying home for the holidays, you can quickly discover nearby locations made famous by these films – just go to

Better yet - download our app from iTunes or Google Play. Not only can #MapHook users explore these holiday movie locations, but they can also comment on the films displayed and add their own favorites to the map. And, in addition to the holiday movie hooks, you can also view other cool film and TV related hooks by location – it’s all there in our Featured Hooks section.

Enjoy the holidays and create beautiful hooks!
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Picturing Mary

#MapHook has teamed up with the National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA) to bring you an interactive #map involving their upcoming landmark exhibit, Picturing Mary: Woman, Mother, Idea (   #NMWA has organized an extensive yet extraordinary exhibit that includes over 60 unique and rare Renaissance and Baroque era masterworks of art from galleries, museums, churches and private collections located around the world.  

The exhibit officially opened in early December; however, the public was able to get a sneak peak of these masterworks by visiting our Map on NMWA’s website:

The Picturing Mary exhibit shows how the iconic image of Mary was portrayed by famous period artists through their paintings, sculptures, and textiles.  NMWA has divided the artwork into six different themes:
• Mary as a daughter, cousin and wife
• The mother of an infant
• A bereaved parent
• The Protagonist in a rich life story developed through the centuries
• A link between Heaven and Earth
• An active participant in the lives of those who revere her

Viewers can trace the journey of each artwork and gain an appreciation for the style and context of each piece particularly in relation to the theme.  You can experience the Madonna as she was envisioned by great Renaissance and Baroque artists such as Botticelli, Dürer, Tiepolo, Gentileschi, and Sirani.

This wonderful collection of art has traveled from the Vatican Museums, the Louvre in Paris, and the Uffizi in Florence, among others, to NMWA’s gallery.  Many of these pieces have had only limited viewing by the public including several that have never been on display in the United States.  Use our Map to follow this fantastic journey!

Art lovers, historians, and people who like to see cool things – check out the Map at:

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London Calling!

#MapHook recently teamed up with Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. (, a wireless network benchmarking firm, to create a cool map showing the results of their “mobile coverage” tests on commuter trains in and around jolly old London, England. Their focus was testing the 10 most popular daily commuter train routes into London.

Tickets please! GWS engineers conducted their testing over a period of two weeks by riding to and fro on the commuter trains – taking measurements, attempting voice calls, testing data speeds, popping Smarties, etc. The idea was to determine how bad or good the coverage and how slow or fast the connectivity including where on the route, why, and by whom (operator performance)!

Check out the #map at:

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Viva Las Vegas Selfies!

#MapHook has partnered with Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. ( again for another cool #map project. This time we used our mapping skills to create a content rich map of the most popular hot spots in Las Vegas to take a selfie. GWS’s luckiest engineers got to hang out in Vegas and take measurements to determine upload speeds at these happening destinations – 21 locations in total to be precise.

This is not just any map of well-known places in Las Vegas – our Selfie Map provides you the upload speeds ranked across the top hot spots – all the major networks were tested: AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. Now you know where to go to quickly upload your selfie to MapHook! Do I hear wedding bells in your future?

Check the Selfie Map out at:

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Let's Play Monopoly

Did you know that MapHook created a very unusual interactive “Monopoly” map for wireless benchmarking gurus, Global Wireless Solutions, Inc. (  Yes - the famous board game Monopoly.  It’s actually quite an interesting story!  GWS recently roamed the streets of London – near famous Monopoly locations, 21 in total, and collected network coverage data involving the big four UK mobile operators (3, O2, EE, and Vodafone) .  By “coverage data” we mean that GWS’s engineers tested the voice and data networks – collecting stats on dropped calls, blocks, signal strength, data speeds, etc.

GWS didn’t just do this because it’s what their very good at and because they love the game of Monopoly. They did all this extensive testing because they were asked by The Register – a very well-known and respected source of techy-type news in the UK.

The original Monopoly board was based on locations all around London; so, on behalf of The Register, GWS engineers packed up their sophisticated test equipment and jetted off to London town. After collecting, testing and analyzing, GWS’s brain trust gave their findings to #MapHook to develop this cool interactive #map .

To have the real Monopoly feel and look, we added a custom border around the map with all the original locations and we included a few new interpretations but you’ll have to check out the map yourself to see! Also, on the map, viewers can find GWS test results for voice, 3G data and 4G data displayed at each location.  We worked closely with GWS’s engineers to understand the results and present in a way that was easy for the average reader (and us!) to understand.

Check out The Register's article to find out more about GWS’s test results:

And do not pass Go! Do not collect $200 until you check our Map!

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MapHook creates Artist Map for National Portrait Gallery

#MapHook has partnered with the Smithsonian Institution’s National Portrait Gallery (NPG) to build an Artist Map featuring artists, of course, that were or will be involved in NPG’s prestigious Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition.  The Portrait Competition is only held every three years; artists from all over the U.S. are invited to submit contemporary portraiture.

Currently the #Artist #Map features artists that were finalists in the 2013 competition including the city and state where they hail from, a view of the portrait that they submitted plus a link to the their website.  Check it out – there are some great portraits!

MapHook is also working with NPG to provide social mapping for registrants in the upcoming 2016 Competition.  So keep checking back and watch NPG’s Artist Map grow in cool content!

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#Win an iPhone 6 from MapHook!

#MapHook is running a cool #contest with our friends at Digital Trends – you could win an iPhone 6! It’s real easy to enter. Go to:

You’ll be done in a flash so while you’re there – check out the nice things mentioned about our app. Contest runs all week!

Take a chance, win big and create beautiful hooks!
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Our Favorite Quotes

“MapHook sets itself apart”
       by Venture Beat
“Our Favorite Android iOS...Apps of the Week”
       by Gizmodo
 “Update you don’t want to miss”
       by TUAW
“Best new mobile apps for iOS, Android”
       by Digital Spy

Okay so they’re not from any works of literature but they make us happy none the less!  The reviews we've received on our recent release have been great.  Although we’re already working on the next release!

If you’d like a refresher on all the cool new features in the current release – check them out here in our blog:

Better yet - go to Google Play or the App Store and download MapHook!
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MapHook and (e)merge have teamed up to bring art enthusiasts an interactive map that helps promote emerging artists from all over world. In addition, once a year the (e)merge Art Fair is held in Washington, D.C. where the good folks at (e)merge bring together these emerging artists and connect them with collectors, curators, and cultural decision makers. This years’ fourth edition of the (e)merge Art Fair will be held October 2nd - 5th, at the Capitol Skyline Hotel.   If you're in the area, you should check it out - it's a fantastic array of events, discussions, and get-togethers, and, of course, incredible displays of art!

There are so many artists around the world eager to put their works of art on display for others to see, but what if they can't attend the fair in Washington, D.C.? This is where our interactive map has become a key tool for many, allowing emerging artists and art collectors to create Hooks pinning their locations to the Map. Within these Hooks, users can socialize - share gallery names, images, videos and links of or about their artwork.

Check out the Map on the (e)merge website at
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New York has been iconic in the entertainment industry for decades now. Whether you are a local resident or a tourist, the filming of #TV shows can be seen throughout New York daily.

#MapHook has added another interactive #map to our #CultureHook project, the New York City TV Show Map. Through our newest interactive map users can explore New York in a way they may have never thought, with Hooks pinned to actual filming locations.

From Friends to newly famous Orange is the New Black, explore the locations you may see on television everyday.  If you don't, you may be walk by a iconic spot and never know it!

Check out the map on our website: OR download the MapHook app from Google Play or the App Store.
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