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Manchester United Supporters' Club - Nepal
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Manchester United Supporters' Club - Nepal (MUSCN) is a non-profit organization registered on April 30, 2014 pursuant to section (4) of Associations Registrations Act, 2034, with registration number 738.

Since the date of our registration, this club has been conducting regular meetings and discussions for uniting all Manchester United supporters. We have also been conducting various activities like donation programs, candle lighting, cycling, sports and gaming events in co-ordination with other Manchester United supporting entities.

Recently, it has been brought to our attention that an organization with a similar name might be operating and providing memberships and we request all our supporters not to confuse this organization with other organization of similar name(s).

As per the meeting of the organizing committee held on February 14, 2015, we have decided to launch our membership only through our official website with nominal fee of Rs. 150 and provide membership card. We would like to acknowledge our supporters that MUSCN hasn't opened any registration form via hard copies. The only registration process we endorse is via the website. You are requested to make the payment preferably to our bank account or only to the official representatives listed in the website.

Also, we would like to commit that our finance is transparent and publicly accessible upon visiting our official website.

We apologize for any inconvenience and confusion caused to loyal supporters in our failure to unite and fulfill the expectations of the supporters.
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