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Things can be made possible
Things can be made possible

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Is anybody here using a MikroTik router? 

Network is not my IT area of expertise, but the MikroTik can do a trick that I would greatly benefit from, yet, even with RTFM I have no succeeded in setting it up. 

I am in Germany, my ISP is German Telekom and it does that connection nicely. No sweat there. 
The MikroTik also does my WiFi

I am a customer of a VPN service, privateinternetaccess, to be exact.
Currently I run the connection, when needed as client on my PC, when I need it there. 

Now one or both of the following things should be possible to setup, if I just had enough little grey cells:
The VPN connection is setup by the router, but not distributed to all devices that are connected. Instead either
- In the already existing WiFi, certain devices are identified (by their MAC, I would stronly guess) and these get the VPN, instead of the normal connection. 


- at the same time a second wifi distributes the VPN connection to all devices that know how to login to that SSID

If anybody can help me, I will be able to provide screenshots to the different settings pages, for more direct directions in the sense of "No, delete [that] [there] and copy it to [over there]. You will need to activate [this setting]"

Thanks in advance

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Aerial photos would be a great way to show the beauty of design of the Olympic park that was made for the '72 Olympic summer games

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As of March 26th, its “streaming manga” website JManga will stop selling new manga—and as of the end of May, manga already purchased will become unavailable to view. And there is no way to download and back up manga files that have been purchased from this site—they can only be read online.

At the end of May, loyal customers can kiss goodbye all the money they have ever spent at the site.

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Canon lets you try lenses before you buy

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